Lots of Chickens: this week at VOH Africa

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Zimbabwe: Chickens!

The new curriculum for schools in Zimbabwe has revolutionized the way children view life and what they are able to do after they finish school. Here at VOH Zimbabwe, we embarked on a chicken project with the children as part of these new practical lessons. These girls in the picture were the ones really championing the project.

To see the chickens come to maturity with very minimal numbers being lost while we were raising them is an achievement! As a result, these kids want to start a chicken project for the children’s homes so they can teach their siblings how to do this and also have some chicken in the homes.

Empowering children for tomorrow is the business of the VOH. Seeing our children actually learn with joy and eagerness is a joy to watch. They now have hope for their future!

Kitwe: Meet Emmanuel

Meet Emmanuel, he came to VOH Kitwe when he was very young and has lived in one of our children’s homes since he began preschool. Emmanuel graduated grade 12 in 2017 and since then he has been part of our youth empowerment program where he has learnt many different skills.

Emmanuel has shown a particular interest in rearing chickens and helps out during the weekend to look after our chickens.

Emmanuel will be graduating from the Youth Empowerment Program In December and looks forward to going to College and studying to become a teacher. He is grateful for what VOH has done for him!

Burundi: Donated Clothing!

This week VOH Burundi received a generous donation from a woman who attends one of our neighbouring churches. She donated clothes and shoes to our girls.

We were happy to distribute these gifts on her behalf. We are always thankful to be encouraged by those who support what we are doing!

Chongwe: Grade 7 Exams

In Zambia, the grade seven examinations are the first set of exams required by the Examinations Council of Zambia. These tests are important because they assess students academic abilities after primary school. As such, these examinations determine which pupils qualify to proceed to secondary school (grades 8 to 12), which is the second tier of the Zambian education system.

At VOH Chongwe our teaching staff is committed to ensuring their teaching prepares our students for these exams. In addition, tutorial work is offered to the students who are struggling in some of their subjects so they can catch up.

The teachers, working together with the school leadership, have ensured that the syllabi for all subjects is fully covered. Regular assessments in the form of classroom exercises, weekly tests and termly tests are conducted to help students and teachers gauge the students’ progress.

So far, the examinations are proceeding well. We are confident that our students will pass these examinations and proceed to grade eight with good grades!

Malawi: Smiles all Around!

At VOH Malawi, our children are very happy! They get excited dressing up in their uniforms and show up for school every day of the week ready to learn! We are grateful for our teachers who teach our children constructive mental habits that create happiness, cultivate fun, and help them develop gratitude. It is a joy to be surrounded by smiley faces all the time.

Mongu: Learning About Nutrition

This month the mothers of the Save A Life Program have been learning about balanced diets. They have been studying the different food groups, how those different groups provide vital nutrients for the body, and how to incorporate each one into a meal. In the photos, the ladies were being quizzed on sorting the foods into their respective groups. They had a lot of fun figuring it out and learning along the way!

Mwanza: Meet Rosie

Meet Rosie! Rosie is fifteen years old and has been living at VOH Mwanza since she was a small baby. Rosie is a single orphan; sadly her mother died when she was a baby and her father and other family were unknown. She lives in Jericho House at VOH Mwanza with her Mama, Mama Debora and 8 siblings.

Rosie loves her family and is always helpful at home. She is cheerful and always has a smile on her face. She recently graduated from primary school and is preparing to go to secondary school in January. She works hard at her studies and especially likes math, science, and English. She is also a great football and volleyball player and loves to sing in her spare time!

Rosie is also part of the praise and worship team at Mwanza Pentecostal Church and continues to grow in the gift God has given her. When she grows up she wants to become a doctor so she can help others.

Her favourite scripture is Philippians 4:13 which says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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