Child Sponsorship

We commit to helping children in need escape the burden of poverty by providing long-lasting hope in a loving and safe environment. Each VOH location provides education, nutrition, healthcare, and shelter. Child sponsorship helps us provide quality care to each VOH child.

VOH house mothers and teachers ensure each child knows they have a sponsor who cares about them. The children write letters to their sponsors several times a year. The sponsor is welcome to write letters back to their sponsor child and when a letter is received, the children are always excited!

You can co-sponsor a VOH Africa child for $41 per month or you can be the sole sponsor for $82 per month.

We are grateful for each of our sponsors! Your support is a huge help as we continuing providing for the children in our care.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in sponsoring a VOH child and we will be in touch.

Sponsorship Inquiry Form

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