Here’s what VOH Africa students and supporters have to say about Villages of Hope-Africa.

Testimonials from former VOH students


“Village of Hope has really helped me in many ways: Spiritually, emotionally and physically. I am what I am today because of Village of Hope through the help that I have been receiving ever since I came. They have helped me to become an independent contributing member of society through the youth empowerment program that, after graduating grade twelve taught me many skills including, gardening, block making, chicken raising and computer lessons.”


“Now that I’m on my own I am able to cook for myself, do house chores, grow vegetables, and I really appreciate that I learned those things while living at Village of Hope.”


“When I moved out of Village of Hope, I found that youths at my age would go in bars drinking, they were involved in prostitution, and all that kind of stuff. But with the security that Village of Hope gave me and the Word of God that guided me it really helped me when I was out in society and I never indulged myself in those acts. I am very thankful for Village of Hope and the things that they did for me.”


“Village of Hope helped me in so many ways. They educated me in all aspects: spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Therefore, I’m able to interact with my friends because of what Village of Hope did. I’m responsible over my own life because of what I was taught. Right now I’m staying alone at a university campus and there is nobody to tell me to do this or that, nobody to tell me to go and study, I’m studying on my own, I’m making my own decisions because of what Village of Hope taught me.”


“The best memory I have of growing up at Village of Hope is when I graduated from High School. I remember seeing some family members after a long time that came to rejoice with me, I really liked that!”

Testimonials from visitors & donors

Steve Nicholson, Associate Pastor – Missions, Christian Life Assembly Langley: 

“It has been a privilege to serve, work, and be involved with the Villages of Hope Africa in Kitwe, Zambia for the past nine years. My participation has included leading many missions teams in the building of classrooms, children’s homes, transition homes, library, and the medical clinic in 
 Kitwe. I have also been involved in clothing distribution and the feeding program. It is awesome to be involved in this quality childcare ministry that cares for the social, physical, emotional, material and spiritual needs of children in Zambia who were orphaned but now have a home and community. Children are the future. It has been rewarding to watch a child grow to become a teenager and then a young adult and become a productive and contributing member to Zambian society. The Villages of Hope Africa Society provides education, health care and other basic needs for children at risk. I am honoured to be part of this ministry. I look forward to continued involvement in the coming years.”

Simon & Luce Klaver, VOH Volunteers:

“After travelling past shanty houses over badly deteriorated dirt roads, watching little children, poorly dressed, playing in the dirt, seeing some scrawny chickens scurrying past, then one is suddenly welcomed by a sign declaring this to be The Village of Hope. After a toot from the car horn, the gate opens with the security guard saluting a hearty welcome and the scenery changes to a crowd of happy children waiting to start the school day. Some of the students are still standing in line to receive their morning cup of ‘HEPS’, a nutritious porridge, while others are playing or chatting with their friends. The well-constructed school buildings are enhanced by landscaped grounds and manicured grass. The school provides a curriculum from kindergarten to grade 12. Beyond the school grounds, 13 homes are nestled around vegetable gardens, playgrounds and shaded gathering posts. Peeking inside the homes, you will find a ‘house mom’ looking after her flock of kids, helping with homework, giving cooking skills, hugging or praying with one of her kids. The children are happy, contented, well fed and dressed. The homes are a happy haven to all the children who have come from situations not of their own making – orphaned I have personally seen the children grow into mature men and women, and able to look after themselves, becoming contributing citizens, following their tenure at the Village of Hope, Kitwe, Zambia.”

The Laurie, Ted, & Brent Carlson families, Mainland Sand & Gravel Ltd.:

“As a family our Grandfather always urged each of us to honour the Lord with tithes and offerings. We have strived to do this faithfully over the years. We have supported our local Churches and have had a heart for Missions. We heard about Village of Hope, and Sergio and Nancy Bersaglio in 2009. Members of our extended family and ourselves continued to be interested in the purpose of Village of Hope and watched with interest as it developed. Some of our family visited Africa and brought back good impressions as to the work that is being carried out. We too visited to dedicate a Village of Hope house in honour of Uncle Mel Carlson who had become very attached to the Kitwe Village and its people. We support and endorse Village of Hope under the direction of Sergio and Nancy, their administrators and volunteers and pray that their work will continue to bring Blessings to the people that are in their care. The sincere, dedicated, loving and caring work that Village of Hope is doing throughout Africa warrants our continued personal and corporate interest and support.”

Diane Francisco, Missions Pastor Coquitlam Alliance Church:

“As the Missions Pastor at Coquitlam Alliance Church, it gives me great pleasure to express my respect and appreciation for Village of Hope, Africa. VOH has been providing for the needs of impoverished and orphaned children at risk for the past 15 years throughout various countries in Africa. We have had the privilege of partnering with them and witnessing the impact they are having in such a desperate situation. Millions of children in Africa make their way through life impoverished, abandoned, uneducated, malnourished, sick with disease, discriminated against, neglected and vulnerable. For them life is a daily struggle to survive. VOH has addressed these needs and made great strides in changing the trajectory of thousands of children, which in turn will affect generations to come. I personally have visited three of the Villages and been overwhelmed at the magnitude of care that is being given every day. Their staff team works selflessly, tirelessly and efficiently. They serve with integrity and honesty. It gives me confidence and comfort to know that I can unequivocally trust them in all matters. It was especially encouraging to witness their generosity and compassion demonstrated through the “Save a Life Center” in Zambia that restores malnourished babies and children. Our Church has partnered with VOH since its inception. It has been a wonderful partnership and friendship, each of us playing a role to bring hope to the lives of children. My wish is that more people/organizations would partner with VOH so that collectively we could break the tyranny of extreme physical and spiritual poverty with authentic action and make a difference in the lives of more suffering children.

Rev. Murray Cornelius, Assistant Superintendent for International Missions of the PAOC:

“Sergio and Nancy Bersaglio first engaged with orphans and vulnerable children as volunteers fifteen years ago. After their first year in Africa they moved there full-time and dedicated their lives to caring for children who may otherwise have no one to care for them. Their actions are not motivated by mere sentimentality, but by a deep compassion that goes beyond emotions to action and care. They are experts in meeting United Nations and Local Government standards for care. They understand the needs of the whole person, providing spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social support for hundreds of children. As Executive Director of the Village of Hope Africa Society, Sergio leads a team of caregivers in multiple countries and settings. They have made the cause of God, “who is a father to the fatherless”, their own cause. Just as God seeks to place the lonely within families, so Sergio and Nancy in obedience to his call, seek to place vulnerable children in safe, secure environments where they can grow and shine.”

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