This Week: Distributing Christmas Hope Packs!

In this special edition of weekly news, we are excited to share about the recent distribution of Christmas Hope Packs at all of our centres. Thank you, everyone, who donated to this campaign!

VOH Bulale

It was a wonderful time at VOH Bulale as we distributed Christmas Hope Packs to the children! Seeing the joy on the children’s faces as they opened their gifts was heartwarming.

Thanks to the generosity of our Hope Pack donors, each child received a special package filled with things that make them happy.

From shoes that fit just right to watches that help them tell time, from cool caps to toys that spark imagination, we ensured every little detail was perfect.

To our donors, your support has brought immeasurable joy to these children and their families, too. Your kindness has given them a reason to smile; we are truly grateful for that.

Together, with your continued support, we’re making a real difference in the lives of these children, one gift at a time.

VOH Bwiza

It was an exciting day at VOH Bwiza when we distributed Christmas Hope Packs to all our children!

The children were surprised and joyful when they opened their packs to find fun gifts.

We received many calls from the children’s caregivers, thanking us and saying they had never experienced such joy and happiness in their children. “I have never seen my daughter with such joy in her life,” said one of the guardians.

These special packages showed the children they are loved and valued by our VOH family and friends overseas.

We are so grateful to every donor who made this memorable event possible!

VOH Chongwe

The children of VOH Chongwe were thrilled to receive their Christmas Hope Packs!

The children had a fantastic day, anxiously waiting to see what was in their bags, then opening and excitedly showing off what they had received.

Some could not hold back their tears as they opened their gift bags, which included clothing, toys, slippers and candies.

These gifts were made possible by the generosity of donors who raised funds at the end of last year.

We are so grateful to have shared these happy moments with the children. A big thank you to our Hope Pack donors for these wonderful gifts!

VOH Kitwe

It was all smiles as the VOH Kitwe children received their Christmas Hope Packs! Each child received a gift pack containing a combination of toys and clothing.

The staff were thrilled to see how joyful the children and their caregivers were. When parents and guardians came to pick up the children, they expressed gratitude for such a kind gesture.

To everyone who donated to this campaign, thank you for your generosity and kindness! The children will forever remember the love that you show them.

VOH Luongo

The children of VOH Luongo were filled with joy when they received their Christmas Hope Packs!

They couldn’t wait to see what was inside the gift bags. Smiles filled their faces as they opened cars, planes, dolls, shirts, balloons, hats and much more.

One of the girls who received a plastic kitchen set said she will enjoy playing kitchen with her friends in the community.

We want to thank all Hope Pack donors for their generosity. These gifts will change the lives of the children by showing them they are loved and cared for.

VOH Malawi

The children at VOH Malawi are overflowing with joy and gratitude for the Hope Pack gifts they received!

VOH Africa raises funds each year at Christmas to ensure every child in our programs receives a special Christmas gift.

The festive season is a time of giving, and for many of the children we work with, receiving such gifts is a rare privilege. This year, the children were delighted to receive t-shirts, soccer balls, dolls, candy, journals, and snacks. The gifts brought radiant smiles to their faces.

Each year holds its own special magic, and witnessing the children’s gratitude never fails to touch our hearts. Parents are invited to join in this special moment and witness the excitement as their children receive their gifts. They can then walk them home, ensuring the children and their gifts remain safe.

We sincerely appreciate the tireless efforts of VOH Africa in fundraising for Hope Packs, as they bring immense joy and warmth to the hearts of every child in our care.

The gratitude and prayers from the families and community we serve are constant reminders of the impact of these gifts. Thank you to our Hope Pack donors for making these moments possible!

VOH Maramvya

At VOH Maramvya, a heartwarming event unfolded as children received Christmas Hope Packs filled with essentials and surprises. The distribution brought smiles and joy to the faces of the children.

Upon arriving at the school, children gathered excitedly, eagerly anticipating the gifts that awaited them. Each colourful pack symbolized a promise of hope and a brighter future.

As the distribution commenced, laughter and gratitude filled the air. The children’s eyes sparkled with happiness as they received their Hope Packs, each a tangible reminder of love and support.

The event was not just about handing out gifts but also a display of unity and community spirit. Through the simple act of giving, the children are left with renewed spirits and a strengthened sense of belonging.

The gift distribution was a beacon of hope, bringing joy and positivity to all participating. The event left a lasting impact on the children, reminding them that they are cared for, loved and supported.

We thank everyone who donated and brought joy to the faces of the children. May God bless you abundantly.

VOH Mongu

VOH Mongu had the profound privilege of distributing Christmas Hope Packs to the cherished children under our care.

The atmosphere brimmed with excitement and anticipation as each child eagerly awaited their turn to receive a bundle of joy.

As we watched the children’s faces light up with sheer delight upon receiving their Hope Packs, our hearts swelled with immeasurable joy. Their eyes sparkled with newfound hope, their smiles radiant with gratitude. It was a moment of pure magic.

This simple act of giving transformed into an unforgettable experience of connection and compassion.

Among the treasures nestled within the packs, the VOH Mongu shirts stood out as a symbol of unity and belonging. Adorned with our logo and the words “We learn, so others may live,” these shirts became more than just clothing; they became tokens of solidarity and pride for each child.

The excitement rippled through the air as they proudly donned their shirts, wearing them like badges of honour.

In a world fraught with uncertainty, these Hope Packs served as beacons of hope, reminding the children that they are cherished and supported. It was a reminder that amidst life’s challenges, they are not alone – they are part of a loving community that stands by them, rooting for their success and happiness.

Thank you, Hope Pack donors, for your love and generosity!

VOH Mwanza

We’re overflowing with joy at VOH Mwanza as we had the privilege of distributing hope and happiness to 352 exceptional children!

Thanks to the generosity of our incredible donors, each child received a special Christmas Hope Pack filled with love and essentials to brighten their day.

From shoes to watches, caps to toys, we ensured every detail was covered to bring smiles to their faces. Seeing the excitement in their eyes as they unwrapped their gifts, especially the watches, was heartwarming. For the little ones, the joy of receiving toys brought boundless happiness.

None of this would have been possible without the support and kindness of our donors. Your contributions have made a lasting impact, bringing immeasurable joy to these children and their families. Together, we’re making a difference, one smile at a time.

VOH Zimbabwe

Exciting news from Zimbabwe! Over 350 children couldn’t stop beaming as they received Christmas Hope Packs.

It’s incredible to see how receiving a gift can evoke such positive emotions, serving as a powerful symbol of appreciation, support, and recognition. The feelings of gratitude, validation, and encouragement are priceless.

From toys and games to teddy bears and dolls, they received a range of beautiful gifts that brought smiles to their faces.

We’re thrilled and grateful to everyone who donated, making this moment of pure happiness possible for the children. The gift of giving is truly magical, and we’re honoured to have witnessed the joy it brought to these children!

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