This Week: Welcoming New Preschool Students

This week at VOH Africa, we welcomed new preschool students, received important medical care, and 40 local students visited!

VOH Bulale: Visit from 40 Local Students

This week at VOH Bulale, we had 40 students from five secondary schools pay us a visit.

These incredible young people banded together with kindness in their hearts and brought joy to our centre. They pooled resources to buy gifts, including exercise books, pens, soap, rice, and a fruit basket!

We are truly touched by their generosity. It’s incredibly heartening to witness young minds thinking of their peers at our centre. Their gesture not only brought smiles to our faces but also warmed our hearts. 

The students also promised to return for our upcoming sports day! 

A huge thank you to all the youth who came by. Your kindness knows no bounds, and you’ve made a significant difference in the lives of our children.

VOH Bwiza: Term 2 Results

At VOH Bwiza, we know that education is the key to success. That’s why we encourage our children to study hard from a young age. In class, our preschool students learn how to read, write, memorize, and sing. All in preparation for primary school. 

Last week, our preschool children were very happy to receive their Term 2 results, and we are so proud of how well they did!

Thanks to our dedicated teachers and the children’s determination, we are confident these young learners will continue to excel!

VOH Chongwe: Meet Jessy

Jessy joined VOH Chongwe as a teacher in March. After undergoing oral and practical interviews, we were excited to welcome her to our team. 

Jessy will be part of our secondary school and teach business studies, commerce, and ICT (information, communication and technology). She is dedicated to equipping learners with basic computer and business skills, so they have the tools to keep up with the ever-changing digital and business world. 

Jessy said she’s wanted to join our team for many years and is so glad she is now part of our team.

We are thrilled to have Jessy as a member of the VOH Chongwe family and we wish her all the best in her teaching at the centre!

VOH Kitwe: New Preschool Students

At VOH Kitwe, our new preschool kids are thrilled to be in school! 

We know that not all children are the same. Some are too shy to talk or make new friends right away. Meanwhile, others are so excited that they run all over, exploring the school and making new friends. 

For the teachers, the first day of preschool can be chaotic and overwhelming as they get to know their new students. The children may not understand the lessons right away or may take time to adapt to the classroom settings. But we are confident that, with time, everyone will settle in. 

We wish these young learners an exciting first year!

VOH Luongo: School-Based Assessments

This week at VOH Luongo, the children are writing school-based assessments. These assessments will be sent to the education district office. 

We are pleased to report that the children are enjoying their classes, having recently moved up to new grades. We are also proud to share that those who were having difficulty reading and writing are now able to do so.

Now, the children are also being taught to read out loud. They are given passages on the board to read to their friends in class and later answer questions asked by their friends. This helps them to both read and understand what they are reading. 

We are so proud of our young learners!

VOH Malawi: Infection Prevention

During the rainy season, children are particularly vulnerable to infections such as bilharzia and intestinal worms, which can significantly impact their health. In response, the Ministry of Health in Malawi launched a mass drug administration campaign aimed at combating these infections. 

The campaign involves distributing drugs in schools, conducting door-to-door visits, and targeting crowded locations such as markets.

This week, we welcomed health officials who administered bilharzia and intestinal worm drugs to our children. Nearly every child received the medication, and with the assistance of our staff members, the distribution process was made more efficient and effective.

At VOH Malawi, we express our profound gratitude to the Malawi Government and the Ministry of Health for their timely support. We are optimistic that this intervention will have a positive impact on our children, improving their nutrition, health, and, ultimately, their educational outcomes. 

Such initiatives are invaluable in safeguarding the well-being of our children and fostering their overall development.

VOH Maramvya: Celebrating Term 2 Results

This week at VOH Maramvya, the students received their Term 2 results. The eagerly awaited announcement of the students’ achievements and progress brought a sense of pride and accomplishment to the school community. 

The event was celebrated with enthusiasm and positivity, highlighting the hard work and dedication of the students throughout the term.

Parents, teachers, and fellow students came together to applaud the outstanding performance of the students and encourage them to continue striving for excellence in their academic pursuits. The proclamation of the mark results serves as a moment of reflection and motivation for all students as they set new goals and targets for the upcoming term.

The event was a true testament to the commitment of VOH Maramvya in providing quality education and fostering a supportive learning environment for all students. As the school looks forward to the next term, this event serves as a reminder of the importance of perseverance, dedication, and the pursuit of knowledge in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

We are thankful to all the sponsors and donors who make all of these things possible!

VOH Mongu: Athletic Competition

The day dawned with an air of anticipation as our school geared up for the highly awaited inter-house athletics meet. Excitement bubbled among the students, each brimming with eagerness to showcase their athletic prowess and team spirit. The sprawling grounds echoed with the chatter of enthusiastic voices and the shuffle of feet as competitors and spectators alike gathered, adorned in their house colours, ready to immerse themselves in the spirit of sportsmanship.

As the events unfolded, it was evident that every child had brought their absolute best to the field. 

From the sprinters who dashed across the tracks with lightning speed to the long-distance runners who displayed endurance and determination, each participant poured their heart and soul into their performances. The field events witnessed soaring jumps, precise throws, and graceful leaps.

Yet, beyond the thrill of competition, what truly shone through was the unwavering sportsmanship displayed by the young athletes. 

Encouragement and cheers rang out from the sidelines, regardless of house affiliations, as students rallied behind their peers, celebrating each success and offering words of support in moments of setback. 

The spirit of teamwork and collaboration flourished, reminding us all that while individual accomplishments are commendable, it is the collective effort and support of the community that truly elevates the experience of sportsmanship.

VOH Mwanza: Monthly Learning Assessments

This week at VOH Mwanza, we started conducting monthly tests for students in grades 3 to 6. Everyone is excited about this new initiative because the tests will provide many benefits to students and teachers alike. 

For teachers, the tests serve as a valuable tool to reflect on their teaching methods and gauge the effectiveness of their efforts over the past month. In addition, by pinpointing students who may need additional support, teachers can devise strategies to ensure that no student gets left behind, promoting inclusivity and support for all learners.

For students, self-evaluation provides valuable insights into their own progress and areas for growth, fostering a sense of accountability and ownership over their learning journey. Additionally, being familiarized with exam-style questions helps alleviate anxiety and build confidence, ensuring they’re well-prepared for future assessments. 

Let’s continue to learn and grow together, one assessment at a time!

VOH Zimbabwe: Furniture Repairs

This week at VOH Zimbabwe, we focused on repairing furniture. Our friend from Canada, Steve, who is passionate about Zimbabwe, visited us and immediately pitched in upon his arrival. 

Despite facing challenges such as a missed flight, which caused a delay of 2 days in his arrival, he efficiently completed the job within the remaining time. 

We had over 100 school chairs and 50 school desks that needed repairs. With the assistance of a few local youths, they successfully fixed all the furniture and even had time to visit the feeding programs and attend a few classes.

The mended furniture will enhance the school environment by providing all children with decent chairs and desks, thereby enriching their learning experience. 

We are immensely grateful for Steve’s visit and hope more individuals with similarly generous hearts will be inspired to support our cause!

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