This Week: Choosing Sponsors

This week at VOH Africa, we baptized 10 children, learned how to use computers, and chose our new sponsors!

VOH Bwiza (Burundi): 10 Children Baptized

At VOH Bwiza, discipleship is a key aspect of what we do. We are not called only to provide food and education to the children but also to teach them about Jesus. 

Each day, the children are exposed to the word of God. And recently, ten of the children chose to be baptized!

Seeing these children taking another important step in their walk with Jesus is beautiful. 

We pray that the Lord will keep and guide them in their walk with Him and that they will follow and serve Him faithfully.

VOH Kitwe (Zambia): Planting Groundnuts

At VOH Kitwe, the children love seeing how what they’ve planted in the garden grows. Recently, the children and their housemother planted groundnuts. 

This week, they had fun removing weeds from the groundnuts so all the nutrients go to the crops. The mother explained to the children the importance of weeding and assisted the children with the task. 

We are so glad the children appreciate the agricultural skills they are learning. We are also grateful that the housemothers take the time to teach the children these valuable skills. 

The children are very excited about their small groundnut field and are confident it will succeed!

VOH Luongo (Zambia): Ready for the Year Ahead

School break is almost over, and our VOH Luongo students are about to return from their holidays. 

This week, the teaching staff is working hard to ensure the children find classrooms that are clean, well-organized, and conducive to learning. They also cleaned the school grounds, enjoying the opportunity to work together as a team. 

A lot has been planned for this term, including field trips where the children can experience learning outside the classroom. We are confident it will be a great and exciting year for the children and the staff!

VOH Malawi: Choosing Sponsors

This week at VOH Malawi, we held another “pick your sponsor” day. This newer initiative allows sponsors to sign up for sponsorship, not knowing who their sponsor child will be. Then, the children get the opportunity to choose their sponsor. 

This process creates a unique connection as sponsors commit to supporting these kids from reception to grade 12—a partnership that significantly impacts a child’s life. 

Thanks to child sponsorship, we can provide holistic care for each child in our program. This care ensures that each child receives comprehensive support, including free education, proper nutrition, healthcare, and spiritual mentorship. 

We are so grateful for continued partnerships with churches like Oasis, whose commitment makes a profound difference in the lives of these children. 

As we reflect on this journey, we thank God for the generosity and dedication of sponsors who join us in the crucial work of bringing hope to children and shaping futures that might otherwise have been uncertain.

You can become a sponsor and make a difference in the life of a VOH child today by visiting! 

VOH Maramvya (Burundi): Learning to use Computers

Recently, VOH Maramvya has taken a significant step towards equipping our students with computer literacy skills. Spearheaded by Cedrick, a dedicated media officer within the organization, this program aims to provide the children with new opportunities for growth and success in the digital age.

This initiative is a gateway to endless learning possibilities and opens doors to future academic and professional opportunities. We set up a dedicated computer lab, ensuring the children can access the necessary hardware and software.

Cedrick’s involvement as both a media officer and mentor highlights his determination to transform the lives of children in Burundi. Coming from a similar background, Cedrick empathizes with the children’s struggles and believes in harnessing technology as a catalyst for social change. His passion, combined with his technical expertise, has ignited a spark within the children, encouraging them to transcend their limitations and explore the boundless potential offered by the digital world.

The introduction of computer education within VOH Maramvya marks a significant milestone in our children’s lives. Cedrick’s relentless efforts have forged new paths for these young minds, transforming their lives one click at a time!

VOH Mongu (Zambia): Learning to use Scissors

VOH Mongu’s Champions Club kicked off 2024 on January 10th at our mobile location in Mandanga! This year, a significant emphasis has been placed on integrating life skills into the weekly program to enrich the children’s experiences.

Recognizing the importance of starting early, we decided to dive into the life skills curriculum right away. The first skill on the agenda was teaching the children how to use scissors, a seemingly simple yet empowering task. Witnessing two little girls grasp the concept of using scissors for the first time undoubtedly filled the atmosphere with enthusiasm and accomplishment.

The children’s eagerness to learn new skills is admirable. The joy on the faces of caregivers, as they witness their little champions master new skills, reflects the program’s positive impact. 

Champions Club is off to a fantastic start in 2024!

VOH Mwanza (Tanzania): Starting the Year with Confidence

At VOH Mwanza, the start of a new year signals the start of fresh beginnings and reveals countless new possibilities for our children. Welcoming new additions to our programs is a source of great joy, and the return of familiar faces progressing to higher academic grades adds a lot of excitement to our VOH family.

Our little ones courageously embrace unfamiliar environments in these initial days, stepping into a space of new opportunities. Recognizing this period as pivotal, our diligent and devoted staff invest tireless efforts to nurture an environment of trust, ensuring each child confidently embarks on this journey. 

The profound bond between our staff and the children based on trust and a loving environment creates a solid foundation upon which the dreams of these young lives are built.

Here’s to a year marked by growth, learning, and countless stories of hope and success!

VOH Zimbabwe: New Textbooks

At the beginning of the school year in Zimbabwe, we launched a campaign to improve the learning resources available to our children, starting with textbooks. 

Many of the students in our school are in dire need of these resources as they are essential for their education. Textbooks provide comprehensive content, a structured framework for learning, and valuable reference material for revision. Furthermore, they help develop critical reading and comprehension skills, offer an offline learning resource, and are reliable and accessible. 

We are grateful to all our supporters who have contributed to our children’s education. Their generosity makes purchasing valuable tools like textbooks possible and significantly impacts our educational programs and the students we serve!

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