This Week: Investing in Education

This week at VOH Africa, we invested in our schools, gave veggies to friends, and received a visit from sponsors!

VOH Bwiza (Burundi): Visit from Cross Church

At VOH Bwiza, we recently welcomed visitors from Cross Church in Winnipeg. Cross Church is a dedicated supporter of our work, and many of our children’s sponsors are from the Cross Church community.

The highlight of these visits is when sponsors and children meet, finally putting faces to names. These moments are such a treasure. 

One of the team members, Terrin, was thrilled to meet with her sponsor children, Eliane, Beni and Rachel. Rachel has been sponsored by Terrin since 2011! 

Thank you, Cross Church, for the visit and ongoing support!

You can become a sponsor today and make a difference in the life of a VOH child. Click the button below to learn more!

VOH Chongwe (Zambia): Refurbished Jungle House

The children of VOH Chongwe are elated to have their cherished jungle house refurbished so they can enjoy playing on it again. 

The jungle house is well-loved because it provides a structure to run around, hop on, scale down and across, or sit and relax on. 

Children like Moses, Mike, Agness, Naomi and Eunice were so happy to see their repaired jungle house and excited to play on it again! 

A million thanks again to our many donors who made the refurbishment of the jungle house possible.

VOH Kitwe (Zambia): Meet Peter

VOH Kitwe is a home for many children in need. This week, we want you to meet Peter, who lives in one of the children’s homes. 

Peter was brought to our centre when he was a very young boy in preschool and is now in grade 5. Peter is a bright and ambitious boy and loves to learn new things. He enjoys playing drums as his friends are singing. 

Peter enjoys being part of our VOH because it is a safe place for him. He loves helping with chores and reading and is grateful for all VOH does for him and other children. 

Through our reintegration program, Peter hopes that one day, he will finally come to know the whereabouts of his relatives and meet them. Our administration is working with the Department of Social Welfare to ensure Peter and children like him will eventually find their relatives and reconnect with them.

For now, we are grateful to have Peter as part of our VOH family!

VOH Luongo (Zambia): Harvesting Vegetables for Friends

School break in Zambia has been extended due to a current cholera outbreak. During this time, the children at VOH Luongo can still come to our Centre for a daily meal and to help out however they can. 

This week, they took time to check on the school garden. They were pleased to see how the maize and vegetables were doing. Some children plucked white eggplants and other vegetables. The vegetables were then given to children from the most vulnerable families. 

The children and guardians who received these vegetables were so thankful!

VOH Malawi: Investing in Education

VOH Malawi remains dedicated to elevating standards across the organization, with every department consistently striving to improve our programs in Kauma.

Our education department is a cornerstone of our organization. Adhering to the Ministry of Education’s inspection standards, we only hire qualified teachers. This commitment ensures that our children are taught by educators with the right qualifications and skills, contributing to their overall academic growth.

Recently, our school buildings have undergone significant enhancements. Children now experience upgraded classrooms with new tiles, replacing the previous cement floors. Witnessing the kids enjoying their brighter classrooms is heartening. In Malawi, such resources are rare, especially in government schools. 

We sincerely appreciate our partners and sponsors’ contributions, which make these upgrades possible.

VOH Malawi takes pride in being an example for many schools in the community, reflecting our dedication to continual improvement. We appreciate our entire staff for embracing and driving these positive developments.

VOH Mwanza (Tanzania): Rhoda’s Story

Meet Rhoda. Rhoda’s journey began in a small village in Tanzania, nestled in the mining town of Geita, a three-hour drive from Mwanza. Despite being born into a loving family, Rhoda faced a unique challenge from the moment she entered the world: albinism. This condition not only set her apart but also posed a significant threat to her life in a region where superstitions and myths about albinism ran deep.

Amid the love surrounding her within her family, Rhoda’s life was far from easy. Economic turmoil added to the challenges her family faced. The nearest school was a long walk away, making her daily journey physically and emotionally taxing. Her very existence made her a target for discrimination and prejudice.

Yet, God had more in store for Rhoda. Her path, though loaded with difficulties, led her to VOH Mwanza. 

VOH Mwanza has become a guiding light, a place where Rhoda’s potential can flourish, and any limitations imposed by albinism can be replaced by boundless possibilities!

VOH Zimbabwe: New School Year 

Back-to-school season is exciting for students, teachers, and parents alike. It marks the beginning of a new academic year, bringing new experiences, learning opportunities, and a sense of rejuvenation. 

As evidenced by their beautiful faces, the children were happy to be back and look forward to an exciting term as they learn new things and make new friends. 

In addition to the excitement and anticipation, the return to school offers a structured routine that enhances productivity, fosters personal growth, and creates a positive atmosphere for learning. Embracing the back-to-school season promotes academic achievement and a positive outlook on the future. 

We welcome the kids to another year!

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