This Week: Priscovia Graduates University

This week at VOH Africa, we learned about risk management, and one of our teachers graduated from university!

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VOH Bulale (Tanzania): Nurses Visit from Canada

Every so often here at VOH Bulale, we organize health checkups for the children. These checkups aim to ensure the children are growing well and to catch and address any health concerns. 

Recently, we had a group of nurses visit from Canada. We took this opportunity to conduct health assessments for all of the kids. 

The nurses attended to over 150 children from our school. They checked each child’s weight and height and addressed common issues like malnutrition, ear infections, and skin problems. 

The nurses also spoke with the children’s parents and guardians, providing informative sessions on maintaining health and hygiene.  

We are so grateful to this group of volunteers for contributing to the health of our children!

VOH Bwiza (Burundi): Bible Covers

At VOH Bwiza, discipleship is integral to how we care for the children. This year, in August, we distributed bibles to the children under our care. 

Over the past few months, the Bibles have been well-used and are starting to show signs of wear and tear. To address this, we came up with the idea of getting covers. 

This week, we were thrilled to gift the children these covers. Now, their Bibles are protected and will last for years to come!  

VOH Chongwe (Zambia): Noria’s Steady Progress

Noria is a 15-year-old girl who joined the VOH Chongwe family in 2014 when she was only six. 

She said she has enjoyed living and learning at the centre and recently completed her junior secondary school after completing her national exams. Noria is now looking forward to entering senior secondary school in 2024. 

During her stay at our VOH centre, she’s appreciated all the care VOH provides. Our various programs have ensured her well-being, and she is very grateful. 

She has also appreciated the discipleship she received at the centre, indicating that she has a personal relationship with Jesus.

Noria’s favourite activities include playing basketball and singing. 

Seeing how Noria has progressed and grown at the centre is such a joy. We are confident she will complete high school and go on to achieve her dream of becoming an accountant!

VOH Kitwe (Zambia): Risk Management

Risk management is the systematic process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating threats or uncertainties affecting your organization. It involves analyzing the likelihood and impact of various risks, developing strategies to minimize harm, and monitoring the effectiveness of preventative measures. 

This week, VOH Kitwe held a workshop on risk management facilitated by one of our local board members. 

The lead team and the head of each department attended the workshop and appreciated the knowledge shared during the meeting. The team learned that risk management isn’t just about avoiding adverse outcomes. It can also be the catalyst that drives your organization’s innovation and growth. 

Thanks to this training, our team is now prepared to assess and mitigate any risks that may come our way as an organization. 

VOH Luongo (Zambia): Priscovia’s Graduates University

Meet Priscovia; she was one of the first children in our VOH Kitwe homes. Priscovia came to our centre years ago with her sister Fatuma to live at VOH Kitwe when they were both young. 

Now Priscovia is all grown up. She is a wife and mother and teaches at our VOH Luongo school. 

Because computer studies are now incorporated into the Zambian curriculum, Priscovia decided to further her studies by enrolling in a local university. 

We are happy to share that she has completed her studies and been awarded a bachelor of education in computer science!

We are confident she is now well-equipped to teach our students valuable computer skills. 

We are so grateful for VOH’s support by providing a solid foundation for Priscovia in her education and allowing her to work with VOH Luongo!

VOH Maramvya (Burundi): School Evaluations

In the bustling halls of VOH Maramvya, a group of lively preschool children embark on a remarkable adventure of evaluations and quizzes. 

Within the walls of their humble classrooms, their young minds bloom with curiosity and potential.

Led by their dedicated teachers, these children enthusiastically embrace their evaluations. Each evaluation is an opportunity to showcase their budding abilities, proving their dreams can flourish despite their circumstances.

In one classroom, Daniella’s bright eyes sparkle with excitement as she effortlessly recites the alphabet, her tiny fingers tracing each letter on the chalkboard. Her passion for learning soars, leaving no doubt that she is destined for greatness.

Then there is Alain and Samuel. They stand before the class with confidence, captivating their attention with poetry. Their words weave a tapestry of wonder, transporting their friends to enchanting worlds beyond their imaginations.

As the evaluations progress, the children’s eyes gleam with pride and accomplishment. They realize their voices matter and their dreams hold weight in the world. They are ambassadors of hope, ambassadors of the power of education and resilience.

In the final evaluation, the children stand side-by-side, their faces beaming joyfully. They showcase their newfound knowledge, unique talents, and unwavering determination. Their teachers, aunties and caregivers look on with pride, knowing these little evaluators have touched their hearts in ways they never thought possible.

VOH Maramvya has become a symbol of transformation, a place where the potential of every child is nurtured and celebrated.

And so, the happiness continues for the children of the VOH Maramvya preschool as they embrace the power of education and their limitless possibilities. Their laughter echoes through the halls, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the extraordinary things that can be achieved when dreams are given wings.

VOH Mongu (Zambia): Upgrading Our Fish Farm

The ongoing upgrade of the fish farm at VOH Mongu marks a significant transition poised to positively impact the farm’s productivity and integration within the local community. 

This comprehensive revitalization focuses on improving the farm’s operational efficiency and sustainability while fostering community involvement.

The farm is implementing strategic improvements in its infrastructure and management practices through this upgrade process. Upgrades include enhancements in pond maintenance, water quality management, and eco-friendly practices to reduce the farm’s environmental footprint. 

These improvements aim to optimize existing resources, increasing productivity while minimizing negative environmental impacts.

Crucially, this upgrade initiative emphasizes community engagement and empowerment. By offering training programs and employment opportunities, the project will equip VOH students and local community members with valuable skills related to fish farming and sustainable agricultural practices. This involvement creates employment and fosters knowledge-sharing and economic development within the community.

Ultimately, the fish farm at VOH Mongu represents a step towards a more sustainable and community-oriented operation. Together, these efforts reflect a shared vision for a more prosperous future for the farm and the surrounding community!

VOH Mwanza (Tanzania): Bumper Harvest

We all know that here at VOH Mwanza, nutrition is essential. Children are coming from homes where they may not be receiving sufficient nutrition. Therefore, at our centre, we try as much as possible to ensure that they get a balanced diet.

We have also looked for ways to reduce food costs, including building a greenhouse. 

Our dedicated housemothers manage the greenhouse and nurture our children with love and home-cooked meals. 

This week, we got a bumper harvest, promising the children a delicious meal grown here at our centre!

VOH Zimbabwe: Graduation and Award Ceremony

It’s the end of the year for Zimbabwean schools, and students are graduating from one grade to the next. 

This week, we celebrated the graduation and award-giving ceremony for 130 children at our Star Learning centre. The excitement amongst the children and their guardians was a beautiful sight and confirmed how appreciative they are of the impact VOH is having in their children’s lives.

The children gave an excellent performance, sharing plays and poems with enriching subjects and songs of joy and gladness. 

Parents brought a variety of cakes for their children as a way to show their joy. 

Congratulations to the graduates and prize winners. We wish them well going forward!

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