This Week: Celebrating Our Graduates

This week at VOH Africa, we celebrated graduates from several of our schools and visited with children’s families!

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This year we want to once again bless our VOH children with gifts in the form of Christmas Hope Packs!

Each pack costs $25 and contains a variety of gifts including books, clothing, and candy.

Last year we raised enough to distribute over 3,000 Christmas Hope Packs! This year, our goal is to raise $75,000, allowing us to match last year’s success.

Help us put smiles on the faces of our children once again by supporting this year’s Christmas Hope Packs campaign!

VOH Bwiza (Burundi): Celebrating our Graduates

This week at VOH Bwiza, we are celebrating eight of our youth who recently graduated! 

Three of them graduated from various trade schools, and the other five graduated from high school.

We also want to congratulate Mariam, who passed her national exams and can now move on to university. 

We are so proud of them for pushing forward and completing their education. We are confident they will be contributing members of their community!

VOH Chongwe (Zambia): Celebrating Six Graduates

VOH Chongwe is proud to present six of our high school graduates!

The graduates are excited to have completed their education and are so grateful for the care, support, and education they received from VOH. 

To celebrate the occasion, a special lunch was prepared for them by the house mothers.

Having been part of VOH for many years, they have learned many skills that will help them as they advance to this next stage of their lives. Thanks to the community and love fostered at VOH, we know they will go forward with a strong sense of love and care for others.

We are so grateful to have had these six young people in our VOH family; they each positively impacted our community and programs. 

We sincerely wish Gift, James, Kasonde, Mildred, Richard and Ruth well as they advance to tertiary education!

VOH Kitwe (Zambia): Graduation Ceremony

Graduation is always a time of celebration, knowing that one has finished one journey and is waiting to start another. 

This week, VOH Kitwe shares the joyful moment that our grade 12s had during their graduation ceremony. 

Most of the children who graduated started as pre-schoolers at our school. Seeing them excel and finally finish high school is a joy. 

The VOH Kitwe Director and other staff members were there to grace the occasion. Parents and guardians were invited, too. The director encouraged them always to remember the values their teachers taught them. 

All the graduating students were awarded with a certificate of completion. We are confident that they will pass with good grades so they can further their journey to tertiary education. 

We are so grateful to the donors of VOH for making quality education a reality for these children!

VOH Luongo (Zambia): Meet Precious, Rhoda, and Mable

VOH Luongo would like to introduce you to Precious, Rhoda and Mable. These three girls live with their grandparents. 

Before their grandparents took them to live with them, they were too young to attend school. Now that they’re old enough, their grandparents brought them to our centre, and we’re thrilled to have them join our school. 

This is the first time any of these girls have attended school, and they are so happy to be learning! 

This week, our administrator, head teacher, child safeguarding officer, and the officers from social work took time to visit the sisters at their home and meet their family. 

The girls’ grandparents were so grateful that we took the time to visit and check how the children are doing both at home and school!

VOH Malawi: New Grade 7 Classroom Block

This week at VOH Malawi, we officially started using our new grade 7 classroom block. Up until now, they have been learning in temporary classrooms.

The students are delighted to use this new space. The classroom is filled with new desks, and the floor is decorated with tiles, creating a beautiful learning space for the students. They also have a new chalkboard, which our director installed personally.

The smiles on their beautiful faces show how happy the students are to be using the new classrooms!

We are deeply thankful to our donors and sponsors for their unwavering support and prayers, allowing us to provide the best education possible to our students. 

VOH Maramvya (Burundi): Visiting Students’ Families

“Now I can rest assured that my child’s future is secured. VOH doesn’t bring hope to the children only but also to their parents because, as for me, I needed hope for my child’s life, and I got it from VOH.” 

This week at VOH Maramvya, our child safeguarding officer, Juvenal, and Jean-Claude, one of our teachers, paid visits to the families of two of our VOH Maramvya children. 

Jean-Claude, the teacher, visited Sevigne’s family. Sevigne’s mother was glad to meet her daughter’s teacher. The visit intended to show the family that the relationship between teachers and their students does not end at school. The mother appreciated the visit, and both were glad to connect.

Meanwhile, Juvenal picked up Benjamin after school and went to Benjamin’s home, where they met his mother. As they were talking, Benjamin’s mother said she was delighted to meet people from VOH and is overwhelmed by how much our organization cares about her child. 

She said she is very thankful for how VOH takes care of Benjamin because she doesn’t have the means to do it alone. 

She said with great joy, “I don’t have enough words to express how much I am thankful.” She added, “Now I can rest assured that my child’s future is secured. VOH doesn’t bring hope to the children only but also to their parents because, as for me, I needed hope for my child’s life, and I got it from VOH.” 

As her eyes filled with tears of joy and gratitude, she said, “I can’t thank you enough. God bless you!” 

It was a pleasure for us to meet both Benjamin and Sevigne’s mothers!

VOH Zimbabwe: 300 Heads of Cabbage!

This week at VOH Zimbabwe, we received over 300 heads of cabbage from a local farmer whose farm is 100km away. This donation will enhance the children’s diet for the next few months, and we are very grateful.

The blessing was so great we couldn’t even take in all that was being offered! A total of 1000 heads were on offer–way more than we could ever use. 

This year, we have experienced support that has left us amazed. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our local and international partners who continue to help us ensure that all children are loved and cared for!

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