This Week: Sergio Bersaglio Meets with Local Leaders

This week, Sergio Bersaglio met with local leaders, we celebrated a birthday, and got baptized!

Support Our Christmas Hope Packs Campaign!

This year we want to once again bless our VOH children with gifts in the form of Christmas Hope Packs!

Each pack costs $25 and contains a variety of gifts including books, clothing, and candy.

Last year we raised enough to distribute over 3,000 Christmas Hope Packs! This year, our goal is to raise $75,000, allowing us to match last year’s success.

Help us put smiles on the faces of our children once again by supporting this year’s Christmas Hope Packs campaign!

VOH Bulale (Tanzania): New Farming Project

This week at VOH Bulale, we are thrilled to share our progress towards having a farm!

With help from our students’ parents and guardians, we cultivated land in anticipation of planting crops. We plan to grow maize (a local staple), potatoes, and other vegetables.

The goal of this project is to ensure food security for our centre. The farm will also be a great way to teach our children the importance of growing your own food, having a healthy diet, fostering a love for nature, and sustainable living.

We will keep you posted on our progress!

VOH Bwiza (Burundi): Preparing for Christmas

Recently, at VOH Bwiza, we held a staff meeting. 

The meeting was divided into two sessions. During the first session, departments met to discuss issues unique to them. The second session had everyone come together to discuss upcoming events. 

One of the upcoming events discussed was Christmas. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not gathered to celebrate as a large group. This year, we have decided to bring all Maramvya and Bwiza children together for Christmas. 

Group events like Christmas require lots of planning, and we were happy to get a head start on coordinating this year’s celebration. 

We are looking forward to spending Christmas together once again!

VOH Chongwe (Zambia): HPV Vaccines

Recently, VOH Chongwe was grateful to have the District Department of Health nurses come to the centre to vaccinate our girls against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is the virus that can lead to cervical cancer. 

The vaccination is intended for girls aged 9 to 14, as directed by the Ministry of Health. From their assessments, this is the critical stage at which girls must be protected from this life-threatening disease. 

We are grateful to have this partnership with the government health sector. Knowing that our children will be included in various public health interventions that cater to their health needs is a blessing.

VOH Kitwe (Zambia): Agriculture Science Class

At VOH Kitwe, our grade 8 class takes Agriculture Science as one of their core subjects. This week, the students learned about chickens. They learned how chickens are raised and the types of feed they are given to grow well: starter, grower, and finisher. 

They also learned that free-range chickens are relatively easy to raise because they don’t require the three staged types of feed. 

We are happy to offer Agriculture Science to our students as we know it will help them learn skills they can use in the future.

VOH Luongo (Zambia): Learning About Zambia

Learning is more enjoyable and effective with visible and attractive teaching aids. VOH Luongo’s grade 7 class learned about Zambia’s geography this week. 

It was easy for the learners to grasp the concept because they had a map drawn on the school wall. Maps are a great way to show students the features found in their country. The map allowed them to see places of note and the provincial boundaries. 

The teacher also used an atlas as another essential learning tool. The students were also encouraged to participate and engage in discussions. 

Thanks to our teachers’ commitment to interactive learning, we are confident that our grade 7 students will do well on their upcoming national exams!

VOH Malawi: Uncle Serge Meets with Local Leaders

This week, our Kauma Project Organizing Committee (KPOC) at VOH Malawi convened a meeting with Sergio Bersagion, the Executive Director of VOH Africa (known to us as “Uncle Serge.” 

Following the news of his visit, the committee expressed immense joy and requested a meeting, as many members had yet to meet him in person. VOH Malawi was happy to arrange this meeting to fulfill their request. 

The committee comprises bloodline chiefs, block leaders, sheiks, and pastors. They are all local leaders with a profound understanding of the community. They play a crucial role by staying informed about all upcoming centre projects and addressing community issues or challenges on behalf of VOH Malawi. 

During the meeting, Uncle Serge shared the origins and mission of VOH Africa, and the committee reciprocated by expressing their aspirations, which remarkably aligned with VOH’s future goals. 

This gathering provided an opportunity for dialogue and understanding. The session was a valuable exchange, with Uncle Serge providing insights and the local leaders sharing their dreams. 

We thank Uncle Serge for taking the time to connect with our local leaders!

VOH Maramvya (Burundi): Staff Meeting

Recently, at VOH Maramvya, we held a staff meeting to discuss various policies and how they apply to each department. 

Our administration department learned about our privacy policies and how they can protect the files they are working with. Our education department discussed tutoring and other topics relevant to our school. Lastly, our child safety department discussed our safeguarding policy and every child’s right to healthcare and medication.

The staff were happy to meet and discuss these topics that are essential to caring for our children!

VOH Mongu (Zambia): Happy Birthday, Namatama!

This week at VOH Mongu, we celebrated Namatama’s 14th birthday! It was a special occasion filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments with her VOH family and siblings.

Birthdays at VOH Mongu are more than just personal milestones; they are opportunities to strengthen our community’s bonds of friendship and family.

The atmosphere was vibrant with excitement as Namatama’s family and siblings gathered to make her day memorable. There were smiles all around as they shared stories, indulged in delicious treats, and enjoyed the joyous laughter that echoed through the celebration.

The birthday cake was a symbol of hope and growth. As Namatama made her wish, a sense of unity and love filled the room. It was a moment of shared dreams and aspirations for the future, encapsulating the essence of family and community.

The celebration was a testament to the close-knit community VOH fosters and highlighted the support and love Namatana and all VOH children receive from their VOH family. 

As Namatama embraces the beginning of her fourteenth year, she knows she is surrounded by people who care deeply for her!

VOH Mwanza (Tanzania): Celebrating Graduation

This week was a momentous occasion at VOH Mwanza as we celebrated the graduation of our outstanding grade 7 students! 

Seeing these students’ journey from reception through middle school is an honour. It has been our joy to walk with them along the way, ensuring their needs are met, including school fees, health, and quality education. 

Our reception class also celebrated their own graduation for the 38 students who are now moving on to primary school!

The day was filled with excitement as our students showcased their skills, talents and the knowledge they had gained from their dedicated teachers. They sang, danced and impressed everyone who gathered that day.

It was a memorable day filled with hope for a bright future for these young minds.

Congratulations to our graduates, and a huge thank you to our incredible team of educators and supporters who make these moments possible!

VOH Zimbabwe: Celebrating 22 Years of Ministry

What a week it has been at VOH Zimbabwe! Our local church celebrated 22 years of ministry in the community. 

One of the most profound activities during the celebration was baptism. Many people were baptized, including some of our VOH children. 

It is a great joy to see children giving their lives to Christ at a tender age!

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