This Week: Catching Up with VOH Graduates

This week at VOH Africa, Nancy Bersaglio visited Kitwe, and we launched a new fish project!

VOH Bulale (Tanzania): School Break

All Tanzanian students recently had a two-week break from school, including our VOH Bulale children.  

After a refreshing break, our doors are open, and our hearts are full of gratitude. We always look forward to these times of rest, not just for the students but also for the teachers. 

These breaks also allow time for the children to spend quality time with their parents and guardians before returning to their busy school schedule. 

The children returned happy and refreshed! Let the learning and growing continue!

VOH Chongwe (Zambia): New Fish Project

This week at VOH Chongwe, we are excited to share our new fish project. 

Despite many challenges, with some bottlenecks beyond our control, the project has progressed well. 

It was a relief to receive positive water test results for pH and dissolved oxygen, which means we can safely introduce fish. The results show that our pond is set up for the fish to survive and thrive. 

The fingerlings (baby fish) are doing fine and feeding well in a confined area. We are using a special net called a Hapa net to assist with feeding. Hapa nets help the fish feed more efficiently, giving them a higher chance of better growth. 

The pond is also covered with a bird net to prevent predatory birds from gaining access to the fish. 

With the support of experts in the art and science of fish farming, our team is confident that this project will succeed!

VOH Kitwe (Zambia): Visit from Nancy Bersaglio

This week, Aunty Nancy, the Director of Development for VOH Africa, visited us at VOH Kitwe! 

We always look forward to Aunty Nancy’s visits. During this recent visit, she helped us with child sponsorship, our database, and a review of our current building projects. 

While at the centre, Aunty Nancy had an opportunity to visit with her sponsor child, Martin. She and Uncle Serge have sponsored Martin since he was in preschool. Now, Martin is in grade 12 and will be graduating at the end of this year! 

Martin invited her to visit his home, about 15 minutes from the centre. Martin lives with his mother and grandmother, who both appreciated Aunty Nancy’s visit. 

During her stay in Kitwe, she also met Gilbert, one of our graduates, at the hotel where she was staying. It was a wonderful surprise for her to connect with Gilbert again after many years! Gilbert was a student at our VOH Kitwe school and now works at a local hotel. 

Gilbert started preschool here at VOH Kitwe in 2005. He completed high school in 2018 and studied catering in college, thanks to scholarships that VOH helped him acquire. After graduating, he was hired by the hotel where he did his internship because he executed his duties well, and they were happy with his performance. Gilbert has worked as a chef at the hotel for a year and a half now. 

Gilbert told us that he had an opportunity to participate in a master chef competition at a national level and came in second, which is an excellent achievement for him and the hotel. During his spare time, he works with event organizers as a caterer. His goal is to own a restaurant. 

All of us at VOH Kitwe, along with Aunty Nancy, are very happy for both Martin and Gilbert and proud of all they have accomplished!

VOH Malawi: Eliza’s Story

This week at VOH Malawi, we express gratitude for the healing of Eliza, who battled severe illness and was hospitalized. While she was in hospital, our Child Safeguarding Officer and her teacher visited her regularly. 

Recognizing the strain on Eliza’s family, especially with only siblings at home, we provided food to support them. 

The entire VOH Malawi staff gathered for a day of prayer, believing in the power of collective faith for Eliza’s recovery. Witnessing Eliza’s return to health and her discharge from the hospital is heartening. She has resumed classes, radiating the same energy as before. 

We are so thankful for our community’s overwhelming support, seen through prayers, visits, and contributions of food items. 

Observing Eliza’s lively presence around our centre fills us with gratitude for the healing mercies she received! 

VOH Maramvya (Burundi): Meeting with Parents and Guardians

This week at VOH Maramvya, we met with the children’s parents and guardians. 

During the meeting, our Child Safeguarding Officer reviewed our safeguarding policy and shared practical ways guardians can help keep their children safe. 

We also discussed the importance of helping the children at home with homework and ensuring they read their Bibles. 

Meetings like this ensure that the children receive the best possible care both at our centre and at home. 

VOH Mongu (Zambia): Aunty Conny Teaches Sewing

This week, we loved seeing Aunty Conny, one of our dedicated staff members at VOH Mongu, significantly impacting our girls’ lives. 

With her skilled hands and nurturing spirit, she has taken it upon herself to teach a group of enthusiastic girls the art of sewing. Aunty Conny’s sewing classes have become a beacon of creativity and empowerment within our school. Every session is filled with excitement as the girls gather around, eager to learn the intricacies of this timeless craft. 

The impact of Aunty Conny’s classes extends far beyond the sewing machines and threads. These sessions instill a sense of pride and accomplishment in the girls, fostering a belief in their capabilities. Sewing also serves as a form of self-expression and creativity. 

The bond formed between Aunty Conny and her students is one of trust and respect, creating a safe space where questions are welcome, mistakes are embraced as part of the learning process, and achievements are celebrated wholeheartedly. 

Aunty Conny’s dedication to teaching sewing exemplifies the spirit of community and mentorship that defines VOH Mongu. It’s not merely about imparting skills; it’s about nurturing dreams, fostering confidence, and preparing these young girls for a future where their talents can shine! 

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