This Week: Donation of 250 School Books!

This week we prepared for exams, did some gardening, and received a donation of 250 books!

VOH Africa: Christmas Hope Packs

Hope Packs are targeted fundraisers in the form of care packages designed to meet specific needs within the VOH community. We first launched them in 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, we’ve distributed food Hope Packs, school Hope Packs, and now Christmas Hope Packs!

Christmas Hope Packs contain toys, candy, and other items for the VOH children and will be distributed over the holiday season.

We’ve raised over $2,500 towards Christmas Hope Packs so far! Thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign!

Give a Christmas Hope Pack today for only $25 and put a big smile on the face of a VOH child!

VOH Bwiza (Burundi) Update: Upcoming Exams

Four Bwiza students sitting at a desk studying together.

This week is a busy week for VOH Bwiza’s secondary school students! They are coming to the end of the first term of the school year, and soon it will be exam time.

Their teachers have prepared a study list of questions from all the students’ lessons that will help the students and the teacher better evaluate their level of understanding and where they may need additional help.

Our kids are excited at the centre while preparing for their exams because they feel confident and will soon be advancing to the next grade!

VOH Chongwe (Zambia) Update: Meet Mwaka

Mwaka with an older woman with our arms around each other smiling in front of a VOH Chongwe building.

Mwaka moved into one of our children’s homes at VOH Chongwe in 2011 when she was ten. She loves to play handball and netball and enjoys reading books.

Mwaka is a very kind and fun person, and while attending high school, she was the school prefect. We aren’t surprised that she graduated from our high school with excellent results!

In 2018, Mwaka joined Aunty Nancy, VOH Directors Everlyn and Shaline and former VOH student Fatuma on a trip to Canada. They visited several churches on an Evenings of Hope tour!

While in Canada, Mwaka had the privilege of meeting her sponsors, and they had a wonderful time together.

Mwaka’s dream has always been to join the medical field, and recently she stopped by our centre to share the exciting news that she has just been accepted into nursing school!

We are so proud of you, Mwaka, and we wish you the very best as you pursue your dreams!

VOH Kitwe (Zambia) Update: Oscar’s Story

Oscar crouching near the ground, smiling at the camera.

Oscar joined our VOH Kitwe preschool when he was a small boy. He completed and graduated from secondary school in 2016 and has grown into a responsible young man.

Now, he is in college studying Science Laboratory Technology. He is doing well in his studies and will graduate in April 2023.

Oscar is grateful for VOH Kitwe and his VOH sponsor. Thanks to them, his education was made possible, opening doors to a future filled with opportunities and hope!

You can become a VOH sponsor and make a difference in the life of someone like Oscar by visiting our Child Sponsorship page!

VOH Luongo (Zambia) Update: Rainy Season is Here!

VOH Luongo student crouching in the garden, pulling weeds and smiling at the camera.

It is the rainy season in Zambia, which means farming and gardening time!

Even during school breaks, the children still come daily for their cup of HEPS porridge and this week at VOH Luongo, while they were at the centre, they also stayed to do some work in our garden.

They planted maize, eggplants and vegetables. They also did some weeding and even harvested some eggplants!

The staff is so happy that children are taking an interest in gardening, a skill they can use both now and in the future!

VOH Malawi Update: MSCE Exams

Three VOH Malawi students standing in a group, smiling at the camera.

This week at VOH Malawi, we are celebrating our students who just passed their Malawi Secondary Certificate of Education (MSCE) exams! These exams are some of the most challenging in the curriculum.

Eight students wrote these exams, and now that they’re over, it’s exciting to hear them share the paths they would like to pursue to further their education. We offer guidance as we discuss their options, and they choose their programs depending on their unique areas of strength.

We are thrilled with their accomplishments and will continue supporting them and praying for them as they choose their next steps!

VOH Maramvya (Burundi) Update: 250 Donated Books!

A classroom of VOH Maramvya students sitting at their desks, holding new textbooks over their heads, smiling.

At VOH Maramvya, we recently received a donation of more than 250 books for our grade 3 class! These books were donated by an organization called PAADESCO, which is in partnership with the government of Burundi.

PAADESCO sometimes organizes workshops and conferences for teachers on how to teach effectively and provides teaching materials such as books.

In Burundi, books are costly, which means many students and schools can’t afford them. Our grade 3 students are so happy now that they each have a book of their own.

We are thankful for PAADESCO’s generosity and commitment to supporting Burundi schools!

VOH Zimbabwe Update: Reunification Program

Pastor Zowa standing on a stage with a microphone behind five VOH Zimbabwe youth.

At VOH Zimbabwe, we are working with the government of Zimbabwe on a reunification program. The program’s goal is to reunite children living in our children’s homes with their families if they have living relatives who can provide a home for them.

We know the importance of being close to family and value having the children live with their families whenever possible.

VOH will continue to care for the children in this program, even though they will no longer live at the centre. Those still in school and who live close enough will also continue to attend our school and feeding program.

This week we prayed for seven children who will return home to their relatives. Most are 18 years old and have graduated high school.

We will continue to support them however we can as they move into this next stage of life!


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