This Week: Learning about Fire Safety

This week we expanded our reunification program, wrote to sponsors, and got to see a fire truck!

VOH Bwiza (Burundi) Update: Reunification Program

At VOH Bwiza, similar to other VOH locations, we’ve started a reunification program to help reunite the children who live at our centre with their extended relatives, if they have any. To ensure this program is a success and looks after what’s best for the children, we’ve reviewed and met various national and international policies related to reunification. This week, we held a farewell meal with the children who are part of this new program. During our time together, we offered them advice and assured them that we will still always be here to support them in any way we can, now and in the future. We also provided them with reunification kits containing items to help them transition as they move away from the VOH centre to live with relatives in nearby communities. Even though these children will no longer live at the centre, they will continue being part of our school and other programs, and we will continue caring for them the same way we do for all the other community children in our care.

VOH Chongwe (Zambia) Update: Writing to Sponsors!

It’s letter-writing week again at VOH Chongwe! The children always look forward to writing to their sponsors. The younger children who can’t yet write share hand-drawn pictures. The older children share news and stories about their lives. Since exam results recently came out, they will also take this opportunity to let their sponsors know how they’re doing in school. The children also use these letters to check in with their sponsors to see how they are doing and to thank them for their ongoing love and support!

If you would like to sponsor a VOH child and create a bond that will last a lifetime, visit

VOH Kitwe (Zambia) Update: Fire Drill

This week, VOH Kitwe held a fire drill and fire safety training. It is essential that our children and staff know what to do in the case of a fire and what number to call for help. The training was held by a firefighter who shared what it’s like to work at the fire hall and demonstrated how fire trucks work. The children and staff were thrilled by this demonstration! We are so grateful to our local firefighters for keeping our community safe and taking the time to educate us.

VOH Luongo (Zambia) Update: Gifts from Sponsors!

Our VOH Luongo children get excited when they receive gifts from their sponsors! While it’s not possible to have parcels shipped here, sponsors can send gift money that allows the children to purchase gifts for themselves with help from our staff. This week, Vera used her gift to buy a watch and a jigsaw puzzle! It’s her first time owning a watch, and her teacher is teaching her how to tell the time. She is also new to puzzles and is enjoying the challenge! Once she’s mastered it, she plans to share it with her friends!

VOH Malawi Update: Meet Florence

VOH Malawi is so proud of Florence! Florence is ten years old and is in grade four at our school. She has one sibling and lives with her mom, who is a housekeeper. Regardless of how busy her mom is, she always does her best to help Florence do well in school and make the most of the opportunities she’s been given. As a result, Florence has grown into a very responsible young girl. One of the things she takes seriously is looking after her school uniform. Recently, she received a certificate of recognition for always keeping her uniform in good condition and arriving at school each day looking sharp and ready to learn! Florence’s favourite subject is English, and she enjoys her teacher, Mr. Magaisa. In her free time, she likes playing with her friends, and her favourite game is a local skipping rope game called fish fish. When she grows up, Florence wants to be a nurse because she wants to care for other people and because she likes the uniform!

VOH Zimbabwe Update: Local Companies Show Support

It was a great day at VOH Zimbabwe this past week when one of the local companies, DFA Zimbabwe, stopped by to offer a donation and spend time with our children. Now that the pandemic is settling down in the country and things are beginning to open up again, we are receiving a lot of interest and support from both individuals and companies. It is heartwarming to see members of our local community offer time and resources to support our work and the VOH children!

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