this week: returning to school!

This Week: Returning to School

VOH Bulale (Tanzania) Update: Returning to School!

All of our children from our VOH Bulale centre headed back to school last week as per the government of Tanzania’s orders. They were very happy to return to school!

Because we know the risk of illness is still possible we are doing everything we can to ensure we have a safe environment for both children and staff. We have several handwashing stations around the centre and the children have been assigned specific seats in their class that are spaced out accordingly.

We are also teaching the children that they can still play together outside without having to be really close together. They can play soccer and kick the ball to one another for example, and stay very far apart.

The children are slowly learning about these new normals, but so far everyone is adapting well and we are grateful to have all the children back onsite!

VOH Bwiza (Burundi) Update: Writing to Sponsors

At VOH Bwiza, we are so thankful that our children are still able to receive letters from their sponsors and that they can continue to write letters back and update them on how they are doing.

This week, we received letters for two of our children, Emelyne and Arthur. We read the letters to them and showed them some pictures that were enclosed with the letters. They were both very excited to hear the kind and encouraging words in the letters they received and they couldn’t wait to write back to them.

Arthur likes to draw and is busy preparing some drawings for his friends. Emelyne likes to sing and would like to become a nurse when she grows up!

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VOH Chongwe (Zambia) Update: Hope Pack Distribution!

Our Children at VOH Chongwe are so grateful to receive their regular nutrition packages. This week we distributed the nutritious porridge (HEPS), Soap, face mask, and a bag of Mealie Meal. They also get Vitamin C through our clinic. We want to ensure they are getting proper care so they remain healthy.

Together with their parents, or guardians are so grateful for these Hope Packs!

Of course, all of the distribution processes are done by observing the COVID-19 measures.

We are so thankful to our donors for making it possible to continue changing lives even in these difficult times.

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VOH Kitwe (Zambia) Update: Beautiful Pine Foundation

The COVID-19 pandemic has come with many challenges, yet there are also great initiatives coming from local organizations to help combat the virus.

Beautiful Pine Foundation is one example of a local organization that came and donated to us here at VOH Kitwe. Their donation included masks and exercise books, which we very much appreciated!

We immediately sanitized everything and then began distributing them to our children. The organization told us that choosing to donate to us was easy because of the work we do for the children in the community. We were greatly impressed by this gesture.

We are so thankful for our many friends both nearby and far away!

VOH Luongo (Zambia) Update: Hope Packs!

It was a beautiful warm day at VOH Luongo when the children gathered to receive their Hope Packs.

The packs had delightful items that are rarely stocked in the houses where our children come from in the communities. They included mealie meal, a small bottle of cooking oil, sugar, salt, Dettol soap, a toothbrush, and toothpaste.

We were able to do this because of the generosity from friends of VOH Africa who have graciously responded to the Hope pack campaign to raise funds for us to purchase these goods!

We plan to distribute these Hope Packs every two weeks. They are putting smiles on our children’s faces!

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VOH Malawi Update: Grade 2 Children Visit

This week at VOH Malawi we are continuing to distribute extra food support to each child. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to carry out our feeding program in the usual way and therefore have been distributing take-home packs of porridge for each student to ensure they are staying nourished. Additionally, we are sending home bars of soap to assist with hygiene.

The grade two children came to receive their Hope Packs and education packs for the coming week. The students also returned last week’s homework to their teachers for marking.

Each student has a chance to ask their teacher any questions they may have with their homework and time is given to review any concepts they need assistance with. They do this one-by-one to maintain safety and distance.

VOH Maramvya (Burundi) Update: End of the School Year

At VOH Maramvya we have completed the third term of the 2019-2020 school year. As usual, after the exams, the teachers take time to carefully prepare report cards. It’s a job that requires persistence and attention so they provide a full and accurate report on each student’s progress.

We thank our teachers for the dedication, courage, and love they have shown to the children throughout this year!

VOH Mongu (Zambia) Update: Entrepreneurship Program

We loved seeing the mothers from our Save a Life Program take part in an entrepreneurship program here at VOH Mongu this past week. We were so excited for them to be able to take part in our street business school training program, which is led by some of our many amazing staff members: Mark, Gerald and Jaycee.

Through this program, we share important knowledge and skill that will help the mothers bring hope and prosperity into their lives and the lives of their families by training and coaching them on how to start their very own businesses.

Each person that attended signed an agreement where they committed to taking part in the entire program to ensure the best possible results.

Everyone’s favourite part is always the team-building exercises. Everyone took part in the activities enthusiastically!

VOH Mwanza (Tanzania) Update: Back to School

It was back to school for all our students at VOH Mwanza after the Tanzanian Government ordered all primary and secondary schools to re-open after being closed for the last 3.5 months.

We have done our best as a community, working together with parents, to welcome students back to our primary school while at the same time taking all the precautions we can in an effort to keep everyone healthy.

We have installed several handwashing stations throughout the school environment that are spaced according to the W.H.O. guidelines and every day the children start with an outside assembly where there are reminders about COVID-19 and precautions to prevent it.

We also spaced out our classrooms and are encouraging kids to keep a safe distance from one another, especially while inside. We know it will take some time to get used to these new normals, but we were very happy to have all the parent’s cooperation and support as well as the kids’!

VOH Zimbabwe Update: Tomatoes!

At VOH Zimbabwe we are constantly reminding our children that despite what troubles may be going on around you if you continue to choose to work hard, your efforts are always rewarded.

These tomatoes are a great example of the benefits of the hard work that our children have been putting into our garden project!

They are so happy with the way the crop looks and we are looking forward to a great harvest for the next 2 months. The work the children are putting into the greenhouses for our food production initiatives is commendable and we are developing ladies and gentlemen that will know how to take care of themselves in the future.

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