Hope Packs

We've raised $33,275.00 in Hope Packs so far!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the children and families of VOH and the way we operate our programs. In the countries where VOH Centers are located, movement restrictions and school closures due to COVID-19 have made caring for the VOH children more challenging and yet more important than ever.

One of the ways we’re responding to the unique challenges and needs related to the pandemic is through our new Hope Packs. These packs provide essential items for VOH children and their families.

We have different packs, each addressing specific needs:

  • Standard Hope Packs: provide food, vitamins, masks, and sanitizer to help keep the children and their families healthy and safe.
  • Back to School Hope Packs: ensure each student has their own school supplies because they will no longer be sharing with others.

Choose which Hope Pack you’d like to give today:

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