Writing to Sponsors: this week at VOH Africa

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Chongwe: Writing to Sponsors

Last week at VOH Chongwe we wrote letters to our sponsors. The children always enjoy writing to their sponsors and inform them of the latest things happening in their lives. This time, the kids wrote about the recent school break and what they are looking forward to as we enter a new term.

Our children appreciate their sponsors and pray for them regularly. We thank our sponsors and partners for making such a big difference in these kids lives!

If you would like to sponsor a VOH Child, visit vohafrica.com/child-sponsorship

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Burundi: Testimonies of Success!

VOH Burundi is happy to share the changes taking place in the lives of our children. Among them, we have Lion Peter, who will soon complete his studies in Maintenance Computing.

Recently, we had an electrical failure in one of our buildings that put his skills to the test. He used the knowledge he acquired and tested and repaired the breakdown!

We encourage all VOH children to have a heart of service and to acquire knowledge that will allow them to provide for themselves when they are adults. Lion Peter is the perfect model for this.

Kitwe: Donation from Local Church!

Recently VOH Kitwe received a donation of groceries for our children’s homes from African Methodist Church. The Church heard about VOH through one of our members of staff who is connected to them and thought they should visit and see what goes on here at VOH.

They said they were happy to see what the Lord is doing in the lives of the VOH children. Our Senior Housemother and some children were present to receive the donation. We are so grateful for the gesture shown by this local church!

Malawi: Trip to a Wildlife Park!

Our children at VOH Malawi Hope Academy visited Lilongwe Wildlife park last week to learn about different types of animals. While on tour at the wildlife sanctuary they were able to see baboons, monkeys, and crocodiles. The children learned about the animals and the importance of conservation.

Uncle Fraser and the rest of the staff from Hope academy really enjoyed themselves on this special outing, too!

Mongu: Cape Town Visitors!

VOH Mongu is grateful to have three volunteers with us at the moment helping out in our therapy department. Jacob, Gillian, and Robyn have come from Cape Town to bless our therapy department and help out with Occupational Therapy while Megan, our full-time occupational therapist, is away.

Jacob is helping us repaint and put up new shelves and equipment to make the therapy room even better. Robyn is a fourth-year physio student who is assisting with anything needed in therapy. Gillian is a qualified occupational therapist and will be filling in for Megan until the end of the year.

We are so blessed by them coming and know they are going to have a huge impact while they are here!

Mwanza: Teacher Training

Our school teachers at VOH Mwanza had the opportunity to attend special training sessions led by Sarah, a volunteer from Canada who visited us here at the VOH.

The topics she shared included creative teaching methodologies, teaching using exciting learning games, and using proper discipline in class. The teachers attended the training sessions together and then went back to their classes to implement the things they were taught.

Sarah visited each teacher in their class, making helpful recommendations and working with them and their students. It has been an eye-opening training for our teachers and we really appreciate Sarah.

One photo is of a fun boat ride all the teachers and Sarah took as part of the training!

Zimbabwe: Visiting a Game Park

Recently, Higher Life Foundation came out to take our VOH Zimbabwe children on an outing to a local game park! HLF is a local organization whose mandate is to help vulnerable children.

The outing was a welcome treat for our children and gave them a chance to refresh and connect with one another in a different environment. We appreciate this kind gesture and continue to thank God for such wonderful local supporters!

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