Day of the African Child: this week at VOH Africa

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Chongwe: Celebrating the Day of the African Child!

VOH Chongwe commemorated the Day of the African Child this past week. This year’s theme was “Leave No Child Behind for Africa’s Development.”

The staff took the time to celebrate our children by taking part in many different activities that we knew the kids would enjoy, including singing, dancing, and games. Shaline Mwenya (our Director) gave a speech to the children focused on how much children are appreciated and valued by all of us at VOH. She went on to pledge and promise that VOH Chongwe will ensure that no child is left behind at VOH in any way!

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Burundi: Learning to Write Tests

At VOH Burundi we are happy we can support children of all ages, from those in preschool to those who have graduated and are studying in trade school.

As we near the end of the school year, our teachers are spending time helping our preschool students by teaching them how to write tests based on the things they learned throughout the year.

We are very grateful to everyone who is involved in the making the education of these children possible!

Kitwe: Professional Football Player Comes to Visit!

Recently VOH Kitwe received a donation from an International Football player based in Zambia! Walter Bwalya plays for the Nkana Football team here in Kitwe, a club that is sponsored by Mopani Mines.

Our children, mothers, and admin staff were present to receive the donation. We are so grateful for the gesture shown; it is a real blessing to us as we provide for our children and it was also very special for our kids to see a local hero taking time for them.

This was Walter’s first time to visit VOH and he said he was very impressed by how well our children are loved and cared for!

Malawi: Celebrating School!

At VOH Malawi our children at Hope Academy are so happy to be in school! They come early in the morning with smiling faces and excitement. The teachers feel very encouraged by the enthusiasm of the students and do their best to make each class meaningful in a happy, loving, and safe environment.

For most of these children, attending school was only a dream before VOH came to their community and provided free education.

Thank you to each person who helps make their dreams a reality through your support and sponsorships! (You can sponsor a VOH child and help them go to school! Learn more:

Mongu: Practicing Handstands!

The children at VOH Mongu are always finding ways to have fun together! The grade 3 boys recently started trying to do handstands and walk on their hands. Here they are practicing their handstands during lunch break with their friends. We love seeing the children at VOH being active, having fun, and building relationships with their peers!

Mwanza: Youth Day Camp

Last week VOH Mwanza held a youth day camp. The day included lots of fun games, a soccer match, skits, singing, dancing, and a Bible lesson. What a fun, life-changing experience it was for our kids!

Zimbabwe: Upgrading our Textbooks

With the recent ministry of education changes to Zimbabwe school curriculums and because of the age of many of our books here at VOH Zimbabwe, it has become necessary that we upgrade our textbooks.

Our goal is to have one textbook per child for all the subjects, both in primary and secondary school. Thanks to a generous donation we were able to purchase some of the textbooks towards that goal!

We were also able to purchase some agricultural equipment to be used for the practical subjects that are also part of the new curriculum.

It was smiles all around from the teachers and students as the new books arrived and we are very grateful for the donation.

If you would like to donate towards our new textbook requirements, please visit and put “Zimbabwe textbooks” in the comment box.

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