Boxes of Love Arrive: this week at VOH Africa

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Boxes of Love Arrive!

VOH Kitwe:

Once again this year we have been blessed with a Boxes of Love container! It was an exciting time for VOH Kitwe children when they each received their own box of love. A visiting team from both CLA and Ladner Lighthouse Church, along with members of staff, took part in the distribution of boxes. Some of the boxes were specifically packed by sponsors for their sponsored children.

The team was happy to see the smiles on the children’s faces as each was given their box. The children look forward to this day every year and are very grateful to each person who helps make this special day possible!

VOH Chongwe:

Children at VOH Chongwe were so happy to receive clothes, dolls, and toys in a container shipped by Christian Life Assembly in Langley, BC. We are grateful to each person who helped make this great day possible!

Christian Life Assembly, Coquitlam Alliance Church, Ladner Lighthouse Church, Highway Christian Fellowship, and Evangel Church all contributed to packing and sending the Boxes of Love along with other special items for the three Zambia VOH locations.

Thank you to each one for sharing your love with us and making a difference in the lives of our children!

Burundi: Mentoring

VOH Burundi set aside time this past Saturday for all of the children from grade 5 to grade 13 to gather for a special time together. We talked about staying focused and being hardworking in every area of life. We also encouraged the students to work well together and help each other in their studies and chores.

We believe our children’s lives are changing and that their time at VOH will result in them being young men and women who will impact their families and communities in a positive way!

Malawi: Learning the Alphabet!

At VOH Malawi our Hope Academy children in the baby class are learning the alphabet. They learn to recognize letters and practice sounds associated with each letter. They especially enjoy singing the alphabet song.

Maureen, Hendrina, Martha, and Desire wanted to hold up their alphabet chart to share with all of our friends who help make it possible for them to be in school!

Mongu: Picture Day!

Our VOH Mongu school was so excited to have their annual “picture day” this week. Every child got their individual picture taken and every grade got a group class picture done. The children were so excited to have their pictures taken!

A huge thank you to our two volunteers from the US, Lauren and Holly, for organizing picture day and taking pictures of all 595 children that are currently at our school.

Mwanza: Exams

Last week students at VOH Mwanza School started writing their examinations as they approach the close of the first half of the 2018 school year. Our teachers have been doing a commendable job and we appreciate them so much.

Though the school will be closed for a short break after the examinations, the teachers have planned to continue coming to help grade 4 and grade 7 students who will be writing national examinations towards the end of this year.

Zimbabwe: Medical Donation from the Government

The government of Zimbabwe through the local Community Development Fund recently donated medication to our VOH Zimbabwe Medical Clinic via the sitting Member of Parliament, Jesse Majome.

This donation was a real blessing for us as a Village as we provide medical care for approximately 600 children, their caregivers, and Village staff members.

It’s so encouraging when we are supported by those in our immediate communities and government. We are forever grateful to God for sending this donation at the right time and also for having local people partner with us to give hope to children at risk!

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