Celebrating our Mothers: this week at VOH Africa

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Mwanza: Celebrating our Mothers!

Last Saturday we celebrated Mother’s Day at VOH Mwanza! The men cooked for the women and performed all other chores required on the celebration day including baking a cake for them, serving food, and washing the dishes.

On top of that, the men composed a special song and sang it for the mothers.

After the mothers had enjoyed a wonderful celebration at the Village, they were taken out to a beach along Lake Victoria to have fun. They also each received a small gift as a token of appreciation for their good work.

We appreciate these special women throughout the year and did what we could to make this day very special for them, and it was!

Burundi: Prayer and Worship Time

At VOH Burundi, we set aside a special time each Wednesday for prayer and worship with our children. This time gives us an opportunity to encourage our children to grow in their understanding of God and their love for Him. We spend time helping them understand how to make good social and moral decisions and remind them that God has a perfect plan for their life and that our hope can rest in Him.

Both children and staff look forward to this every week!

Chongwe: Reuniting After the School Break!

Our school at VOH Chongwe opened last week after the April break. Though they saw each other daily over the break when they came for the feeding program, it didn’t compare to the fun they have when they get to spend all day together when school is in!

Kitwe: Youth Group Donation

VOH Kitwe was blessed with a donation from a youth group who were attending Bible Camp next door at the Bible College. They brought bags of breakfast meal, cabbages, tomatoes, and pieces of clothing. The senior mother and children were there to receive the donation.

We are so grateful for the gesture shown from the Pentecostal Assemblies Of God (Zambia) youth. The donation will help supplement our grocery and clothing budgets! They truly showed us God’s love in action for our children.

Malawi: Riding Bicycles!

At VOH Malawi our children enjoy many different activities after school. One of their favourite activities is riding their bicycles.

Uncle Fraser has just finished fixing all of the bicycles that were in need of repair and everyone was happy to take a ride around campus!

The three boys pictured here are Gift, Paul, and Dumi.

Mongu: Thank you, Life Church!

At VOH Mongu our children love to have visitors! Recently, we had a team from Life Church in South Africa visit us. They enjoyed spending time with our children at the homes, and the children really enjoyed playing with them.

They spent several hours skipping rope together, singing, and throwing Frisbees. Thank you for coming, Life Church!

Zimbabwe: Gifts for our Teachers!

It’s the beginning of another school term at VOH Zimbabwe and the teachers have started on an exciting note — they were each handed a teacher’s bag with goodies for use in the classroom.

The bags included pens, pencils, math sets, markers, and other supplies. This will definitely go a long way in helping them with their work.

We thank our friends who donated the supplies; it was a great way to show appreciation for our teachers!

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