Celebrating Labour Day: this week at VOH Africa

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Chongwe: Celebrating Labour Day


This week our VOH Chongwe staff took part in the commemoration of International Labour Day. This is the day where all the workers across Zambia take a day off from their duties to celebrate their Labour and the important role their work plays in society.

We thank God for the committed, dedicated, passionate, and hardworking staff we are blessed us with.

We wish a very Happy Labour day to our fellow VOH Africa staff serving children across Africa in different locations–always remember that your hard work is not in vain!

Burundi: Teacher Training

In order to strengthen our teachers’ capacity at VOH Burundi, we organize various training sessions throughout the year. The most recent sessions focused on the importance of being aware of the children’s emotional needs as well their academic needs. Each teacher who completed the training was awarded a special certificate from our Director, Delson!

Kitwe: Play Day!

This week, VOH Kitwe organized a playtime for our children and their houses mothers. We made use of the Labour Day holiday and came up with lots of fun things for them to do. The teens and the little ones had fun together with skipping ropes, hula-hoops, and soccer.

The young children played with their toys and the Senior Mom encouraged them to respect and care for one another even when out on the playgrounds.

They each received special candy to close off the day of fun!

Mongu: Welcome Back, Carrine!

Here at VOH Mongu, we are so excited to have Carrine Brand back from South Africa volunteering with for the next 6 months! Carrine has only been with us for two days and she is already teaching painting lessons, doing activities with the children from the homes, and helping out at our Occupational Therapy department. Here, she is using painting classes to help develop fine motor skills with some of the girls from our children’s homes.

Thank you so much for all of your help and for being such a light, Carrine!

Mwanza: Visiting Lake Victoria!

Our Lead Team at VOH Mwanza recently went on a special outing at a beach on Lake Victoria. It was such a great time to relax, connect with each other, and have fun. We started the day with a short devotion followed by breakfast. Our Director, Julius Kenyamanyara, led us in discussions focusing on our vision, mission, and values.

It is always good to remind each other of these important things! We were encouraged to not only memorize them but also to be aware of them every day as we minister to our children at the village.

We then went on a boat ride around Lake Victoria and that was another precious time to relax, refresh, and appreciate God’s creation.

Zimbabwe: Meet Tino

Meet Tino. Tino was brought to VOH Zimbabwe after the passing of his mother. Tino was tiny, malnourished, and not healthy. God made a way for him to find health, shelter, and love at Village of Hope.

The little guy looks alive and is now learning to walk on his own.  It’s a joy to impact children and to see such testimonies!


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