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IMG_0109Maintenance at VOH Kitwe

Thanks to a recent donation, VOH Kitwe was able to undertake some much needed maintenance work around the village.

Sofas in many of the children’s homes were worn out and were reupholstered where needed. We also did repairs to the Nsakas, replacing grass roofs and timbers as needed. These Nsakas are a favourite gathering place for the children where they can play and visit while being protected from both sun and rain.

VOH Kitwe is now 15 years old and we are thankful for those who are making it possible for us to repair and maintain our much used facilities!


IMG_0106VOH Chongwe Welcomes Melissa

VOH Chongwe is happy to welcome Melissa, from Newmarket, Ontario back to the Village of Hope. Melissa was with us last summer and has returned again to help with the Children at the homes and the school. She will also be giving us a hand with some administrative work at the office. Welcome back Melissa!

IMG_0108Meet Jecton


VOH Kenya would like to introduce you to Jecton. Jecton’s mother passed away from an ongoing illness and his father was not healthy enough to look after him properly, so Jecton was sent to live with his grandmother. His grandmother was part of a polygamous family and had many other mouths to feed and Jecton was not getting the nutrition and attention he needed to grow up healthy and happy. Jecton joined VOH Kenya in 2008 where he started to attend the school and was placed in one of the VOH Homes.
He is now 15 years old and in grade 7, is his class President and, academically, is one of the top students of his class. Jecton’s story is inspiring and is one of many stories of VOH Kenya giving hope and a future to children in need.

IMG_0107VOH Kitwe Dental Check-up

VOH Kitwe is blessed to have a dental clinic which is fully equipped to provide basic dental care for our children and staff. Dr. Huma Rohan  came with Dr. Aaron Kim last year and last week she returned once again and gave the children check-ups and then provide treatment according to their needs. For some of the children it was a dental review and for others it was the first time that they were meeting the Doctor. Dr. Rohan was welcomed by all, the mothers, youth and young children, including those children who are new to the Village since she visited last year and had never seen a dentist before. Thanks so much to Dr. Rohan and all of those who have been a part of making this dental clinic a reality.

VOH Mongu meet joyceNew House Mom at VOH Mongu


Meet Joyce, who started as a house mother in the second children’s home at VOH Mongu in January of this year. Joyce had been working for VOH cleaning our campsite since 2008.
She was asked to become a house mother when the homes started to fill up and now Joyce cares for 8 children ranging from 1-12 years of age. Joyce wakes up early in the morning to begin the bathroom routines with the children, sweeping the house, preparing breakfast and getting everyone ready for the day!
Joyce’s husband passed away in 2001 and left her a widow with 6 children to raise. Her children are older now and live in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. Joyce loves her work at Village of Hope and has adapted so well to her new life as a house mother.
She loves living in the home and caring for the children, she loves knowing that she can care for the orphaned and vulnerable children and be a mother to them. Her job at VOH also helps her to provide for her own children and brings her joy for that reason too.
We and the children have been blessed to have Joyce as a house mother. Her gentle, nurturing and kind nature are sure to touch and change the lives of many children who once didn’t know the meaning of love.

VOH Mwanza awardsAward Ceremony at VOH Mwanza


Last week VOH Mwanza held its annual Award’s Ceremony.  School awards are given based on mid-year reports for both best overall averages and best by grades. We also give home awards which are based on the cleanest, most respectful and most helpful and are decided by secret voting in each house.
Our Regional Social Welfare Officer, Mama Misana, joined us to present awards and was very impressed with the event. Children cheer for one another and it’s a great means of positive enforcement.

IMG_0110VOH Zimbabwe Teams Win!

VOH Zimbabwe’s Netball and Volleyball teams both took part in competitions last week and both teams did extremely well!
The trailblazing, history-making under 14 VOH netball team played a total of 7 different school teams winning all 7 games with 0 losses for the tournament. They scored a total of 89 goals for and 0 goals against.
Team Coach Mr. Mangwiro was thrilled with how well the girls played. Our CHAPS girls’ volleyball team also competed and also played extremely well. The volleyball team came in first place playing against 5 other teams. We beat each team by two goals to zero!
There was great celebrating at the Village when the teams returned home!


Samson - VOH BurundiICYMI: Meet Samson

Village of Hope has been a parent to me and managed to give me hope. I now have a goal in life. They provided and still provide accommodation and food and VOH covers all of my tuitions and all school supplies. They also provide guidance and teaching, which are the foundation of my Christian and social life… Read full story

and also…

Welcome to our new website!

We are excited to launch our new website today! We’ve updated the information, added some new pages, and gave things an entire design overhaul. We hope you like it!

Here are some new things to check out:

  • Testimonials page – hear what others are saying about VOH Africa (including graduates) and share your own experiences!
  • Get Involved – find out ways you can get involved and help support our efforts to bring hope to children in need.
  • About Us – we’ve updated our about us page with information on our mission, vision, and values, our organizational pillars, and our history.
  • We also updated all of our Village pages
  • and don’t forget to check out our #BringingHope gallery if you haven’t yet!
  • Plus it has a brand new, mobile-friendly version!

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