New Addition to the VOH Mwanza Family: This week at Villages of Hope

Check out what’s been going on this week at Villages of Hope-Africa…


Meet VOH Mwanza’s Newest Member

Voh mwanza new cow

VOH Mwanza now has a second milking cow!  She is definitely big and beautiful and also expecting to give birth in July. Her name is Miracle (Muugiza) because she showed up at just the right time. Miracle was donated by sponsors from Alberta and she will double our daily milk supply, giving us the chance to sell and receive income to support the Village.


Teacher’s Training at VOH Kenya

voh kenya teachers training

Teachers just finished a second session of teacher training at VOH Kenya this week! During this time, they discussed the difference between teacher-centered learning and student-centred learning, and took part in different activities that they could use in their own classroom to facilitate deeper learning, student confidence and community. The VOH Kenya Clinical Officer also came in and taught teachers the steps to take if a student is even bitten by a snake. The teachers learned a lot and had a great time of fellowship together!


Homework at VOH Malawi

voh malawi homework

We all know how important an education is and so this week at Village of Hope Malawi we’ve started a village-wide homework time.  Every home has had a chalkboard painted onto a wall of the mom’s choosing.  They have chalk, brush and other tools to aid even the little ones in learning.  Because everyone is doing homework at the same time, focus (friends aren’t outside playing!) and a set time to get things done help the children and the moms keep education a priority.


Worshipping at VOH Burundi!

voh burundi worship

Some of the VOH Burundi children celebrating their love for Jesus through worship!


VOH Kitwe Says Goodbye to Craig Weddell

voh kitwe visitor

This last week VOH Kitwe administration bid farewell to Craig Weddell from Parkway Road Pentecostal Church, who has been here for the past 4 months. He spent his time helping start an agriculture project for the grade 11 students, the goal being to give the students farming skills that they can use throughout their lifetime. He also had the opportunity to connect with the youth guys, playing lots of sports and having Bible study together. On his last day the Administration presented him with a cake to say thank you. He will be greatly missed among all! ***


ICYMI: Director’s Blog “In Memory of Joe Lewis Whittaker”

The writer of Ecclesiastes wrote, “I know that there is nothing better for them than to rejoice and to do good in one’s lifetime.” Joe did both very well, he rejoiced and did good. As I look back on Joe’s legacy I count it a privilege to have known him and am thankful for the opportunities that we all have to make a difference in the lives of others in whatever way God has gifted us… Read Here


Photos of the Week:

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