Sergio Bersaglio

Sergio Bersaglio is the Executive Director of Villages of Hope - Africa Society, currently providing care to orphaned and vulnerable children in nine African locations: Burundi, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania (Mwanza, Bulale), Zambia (Chongwe, Kitwe, Mongu), and Zimbabwe. Sergio provides training and support for the leadership at each VOH location and ensures best practices are being followed so all VOH children are receiving the best possible care. Working very closely with national leadership, Sergio focuses on developing strong Christian directors and leaders to ensure the Villages are sustainable and well managed. Sergio moved to Kitwe, Zambia with his wife Nancy where the first VOH was established, in April 1999.

Director’s Blog: What we can learn from the elephants

Recently I read an article on the BBC News website about a research team that monitored the reactions of herds of African elephants when they heard the sound of lions roaring. The report stated that “Groups of animals with older female leaders, or matriarchs, very quickly organised themselves into a defensive “bunch” when they heard

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Director’s Blog: Turning words into action

I was in a meeting that focused on an application for a government grant. Grant applications can be complicated and time consuming. We spent most of our time on the “Logic Model,” which includes ultimate outcomes, intermediate outcomes, outputs and activities. I understand the reason why donors, especially government organizations, require organizations to go through

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