This Week: Harvest Season

This week at VOH Africa, we harvested homegrown crops, learned photography, and passed A-level exams!

VOH Bulale: Homegrown Food

This week at VOH Bulale, our shamba has blessed us with fresh maize straight from the fields, and our dedicated team is busy boiling it up in our kitchen!

The children at our school will enjoy a piece of this wholesome harvest, savouring the fruits of their parents’ hard work.

There’s something special about sharing in the bounty of our land, and seeing the smiles on the children’s faces as they relish the maize reminds us of the beauty of community and self-sufficiency.

Now, anticipation is building as we look ahead to next month when our potatoes will be ready for harvest!

VOH Bwiza: Staff Social Outing

This week, our VOH Bwiza staff and volunteers travelled from Bujumbura to Kabezi, visiting some of the area’s beautiful places. 

We visited the Museum of Bujumbura and saw various animals, including crocodiles, snakes, gorillas, panthers and antelopes. 

We also visited the Livingstone and Stanley Stone, a symbol of where David Livingstone and Henry Stanley met while discovering and researching in Africa. 

We also played games. Everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed spending time together as a team away from work. 

VOH Chongwe: Advancing to Kindergarten

Our VOH Chongwe centre recently saw our baby class students progress to kindergarten!

The young children enjoyed exploring their new classroom and playing with new learning tools, including building blocks.

We are so grateful to all the donors who continue making it possible for our children to receive an education. 

We are confident these children will continue their education journey, progress to higher levels, and eventually take advantage of opportunities that come their way!

VOH Kitwe: Maize Harvest

This week at VOH Kitwe, we celebrated a successful maize harvest!

Our agriculture team is pleased that they planted the correct type of maize seed at the right time and that the crops did well despite a disappointing rainy season.

The maize will be sold to our staff to help support our centre’s programs.

VOH Luongo: Learning Zambia’s Map

Teaching and learning are easy and fun when you have the right tools. 

This week, at VOH Luongo, our grade 6 students learnt about towns throughout Zambia. 

Their teacher used an atlas as a teaching tool for easy learning and understanding of the topic. The children were so happy to see the locations of different places on the map. 

The children were so excited to see even their town on the map! 

VOH Malawi: School Feeding Program

At VOH Malawi, we prioritize meeting the diverse needs of our children through various programs. We firmly believe that to fully engage in their studies, children need to be strong, healthy and spiritually grounded.

Recognizing the challenges many families in our community face during times of food scarcity, particularly during the growing season, we have a feeding program to address the issue of hunger among our students. 

Providing them with porridge and milk twice daily ensures they have the nourishment needed to thrive.

The impact of this feeding program has been significant. Not only has it contributed to improving school attendance, with a remarkable 100% turn-up record on many occasions, but it has also enabled our children to focus better during classroom activities without the distraction of hunger.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, whose generosity puts smiles on our children’s faces and food in their tummies!

VOH Maramvya: Sweet Potato Harvest

This week at VOH Maramvya, we harvested sweet potatoes, showcasing the sustainable and self-sufficient approach that empowers us to rely on our own resources. 

The harvest brought excitement and unity amongst the children as they eagerly participated in reaping the fruits of their labour. They will also benefit from the essential nutrients these root vegetables offer. 

Farming projects like this foster a valuable sense of togetherness and collaboration amongst our children and community!

VOH Mongu: Photography Class

This week marked the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of photography and videography at VOH Mongu!

As the children gathered around to learn the intricacies of cameras, lenses, and composition, their eyes sparkled with curiosity and wonder. 

Throughout the class, the children eagerly absorbed the fundamentals of photography and videography, from understanding camera settings to exploring different techniques for capturing compelling images. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and each question they asked reflected their genuine desire to learn and improve their skills.

As the class drew to a close, it was time for the children to put their newfound knowledge into practice. With cameras in hand, they set out to explore their surroundings, eagerly capturing what they saw. 

Their excitement was visible as they eagerly shared their photos with one another, discussing the techniques they used.

As we reflect on the success of this first class, we are filled with excitement for the future of this program!

VOH Mwanza: Yahaya’s Story

Yahaya’s story is one of remarkable resilience and unwavering determination. At just six years old, he arrived at VOH Mwanza, facing the challenges of epilepsy. Many doubted his ability to learn and grow, as his condition often kept him away from school.

But this year, we saw Yahaya’s potential shine. We believed in him, and with a tailored program focused on his needs, he began to flourish. 

Learning to count and write his name may seem like small steps to some, but they were giant leaps forward to Yahaya. 

Today, he can count up to fifty, confidently write numbers, and proudly sign his name!

Beyond academics, Yahaya’s passion for gardening and commitment to environmental cleanliness are inspiring. He’s not just nurturing green spaces; he’s cultivating a brighter future for us all.

Join us in celebrating Yahaya’s incredible journey and embracing the boundless potential ahead!

VOH Zimbabwe: Passing A-Levels

This week at VOH Zimbabwe, we celebrate the students who passed their A-level exams and are ready for University. 

Passing these exams is a significant milestone for the students and those who have supported them along the way. 

This achievement marks the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance in their academic pursuits. 

As they transition to the next stage of their lives, we reflect on their accomplishments, the challenges they overcame, and the exciting opportunities ahead. 

University offers a new chapter in their educational journey, where they can develop further skills, knowledge, and passions in their chosen fields of study. 

We are so proud of them! 

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