This Week: Exploring the Science Lab

VOH Bwiza (Burundi) Update: Visitors from Winnipeg!

At VOH Bwiza, we are blessed to have Dennis and In-Kwon from Cross Church in Winnipeg with us for a few days. During their time with us, they have been enjoying special moments with our VOH kids and staff. In-Kwon has been holding training sessions with our teachers and other staff, focusing on workshops in mathematics and engineering. His training sessions will help our teachers as they pass on what they learn to their students. Dennis is the co-founder of VOH Bwiza, and one of the highlights of his visit was when he met the daughter of Diane, who came to VOH when she was in grade 8! Diane graduated in 2019 and was married in 2020. She was so excited to introduce her baby to Dennis, who has known Diane since she joined the VOH family! It is always a privilege to receive visitors!

VOH Chongwe (Zambia) Update: Science Lab!

This week at VOH Chongwe, our primary school students had an opportunity to use our science lab. This early exposure allows these young students to develop a love for science. Young learners are curious and have a lot of questions about the world around them. Learning in the lab also supports the development of other skills and attributes such as communication, collaboration, perseverance, reasoning, and problem-solving. Studying science at an early age also helps students with other subjects because science is incorporated into other subjects such as art, mathematics, and social studies. We are so happy we have a modern science lab for all our students to learn in!

VOH Kitwe (Zambia) Update: Meet Beauty

The primary objective of our school’s feeding program is to respond to the nutritional needs of the children who attend our school and enhance whatever food they are receiving at home. Beauty from VOH Kitwe is in charge of preparing our HEPS porridge each day. Beauty is a certified food handler and ensures that the formula is stored properly, prepared correctly, and dishes are kept clean. Beauty enjoys what she does for the children, and she is very grateful to VOH Kitwe for letting her care for the children in this practical way!

VOH Luongo (Zambia) Update: New Classrooms!

This week, VOH Luongo is excited to share how our new classroom block is coming along. With more classrooms, the children will have more time to be in class with their teacher because there will not be a second round of kids who need the classroom space in the afternoons. This will allow more time for instruction and tutoring. The building will be complete before the end of 2021 in readiness for the 2022 school year. We are so happy that our Centre has become an essential part of the community. Parents, guardians, and local leaders are thrilled and grateful for the development that VOH is bringing to the community of Luongo. We thank all of our donors and friends for your faithful support!

VOH Malawi Update: Moving our Admin Offices

This week at VOH Malawi, we moved our administration offices from our original location in area 43 of the city of Lilongwe to our new site near Kauma. We all have mixed feelings over this transition as the original place has many memories, which are hard to let go of. At the same time, we are excited about the new administration office at our VOH Centre in Kauma, which provides more space, and places us at the Centre where the children come for school and nutrition each day. It’s great to no longer have to go back and forth between locations. Kauma is a large area full of children and their families that are thankful for the support VOH provides. We thank God for all the opportunities to minister right in the heart of the community of Kauma!

VOH Maramvya (Burundi) Update: Rainy Season Harvest

The rainy season begins this month in Burundi, and we are thankful that the land in Maramvya is very fertile. We have lots of space to cultivate, and we expect a great harvest again this rainy season. We are happy that the children’s guardians are so willing to help out. They voluntarily come to help us, and we are very proud of them. Our harvest will include soybeans, corn, sweet potatoes, and vegetables. We use what we grow in the meals we make for the children each day. Being able to grow and harvest so much of what we eat is a huge blessing!

VOH Zimbabwe Update: Family Time

Each day at VOH Zimbabwe, the housemothers and children living in each of our children’s homes have family time together. Coming together, relaxing, and connecting is so important. We caught up with one of the families while the big sister was preparing dinner for her siblings. This family lives in Wasaga Beach House, which was constructed over ten years ago thanks to the generous donation of our friends from Lighthouse Church in Ontario. There are currently eight children living in the home. They all attend school at our Centre, and the two oldest children will be writing government exams this year. Thanks to the support from their teachers and housemother, we know they will do well!

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