This Week: Reading, Writing Letters, and Building Fences!

VOH Bulale (Tanzania): New Classrooms!

We are growing at VOH Bulale! Our primary school is excited to have two new classrooms on site. Last year we began this building project hoping to increase the number of grades we offer. We are glad to have met our target! This year we have a new grade 3 class with 27 children enjoying the spacious, well-ventilated new classrooms after graduating from grade 2 last year. Soon we will add a grade 4 class. Thank you to each of our donors for all of your support!

VOH Chongwe (Zambia) Update: Studying in the Library

Here at VOH Chongwe, the library is a very important place in the lives of our students. Most of our children who come to our school from the surrounding villages come from homes without power which makes it difficult (and, at times, impossible) to study at home. The students are so happy to be able to go to the library to study before heading home. The library has been a huge help, in particular, when students prepare for their final exams. Thanks to the library, the students are also able to improve their reading skills. The shelves are stocked with a variety of books including local books, books on business, and some fiction.

VOH Kitwe (Zambia) Update: Feeding Program Update

At VOH Kitwe our school feeding program provides both educational and health benefits for our children. For this reason, we always continue to run the program, even during school breaks in order to supplement the meals they have at home. For many of our children, this may be their only meal of the day. Our feeding program also benefits the community, as some of the children who don’t attend our school still come for a nutritious meal. These days, we take the opportunity while the children are present to teach them about COVID-19 safety and how to keep themselves and their families healthy and safe.

VOH Malawi Update: Writing to Sponsors

This week at VOH Malawi we’re writing our first batch of sponsor letters for 2021. For our newest students, this is their first time writing to their new sponsors. Our new students enter our program in junior kindergarten at four years old and aren’t old enough to write without help. But our teachers enjoy helping them. The students love drawing and colouring pictures for their sponsors! If you are a sponsor, we encourage you to write back when you receive a letter. It doesn’t take a lot of time and the students feel so special when they get a letter from you!

You can send a letter to your sponsor child by clicking here

VOH Mongu (Zambia) Update: Supporting Families through Save a Life

Each week we love seeing our mothers and their children from our nearby communities taking part in our feeding program at the Save a Life Center here at VOH Mongu. We are so blessed to have the mothers join us every Tuesday and Wednesday at the center. During this time, they receive food for their young ones to help sustain them during the week. It’s beautiful to see how committed the parents are towards their children’s developmental health and growth. We consider it a privilege to see to it that the children are provided with food and good health care.

VOH Zimbabwe Update: Building a Fence

In Zimbabwe, we are once again in lockdown due to the pandemic. However, despite the challenging times that we currently find ourselves in, the safety of our children remains a top priority. We are taking this opportunity to build a fence around one of our outreach points. With the increasing number of children that we are ministering to at our Brickyard satellite location, we want to ensure they are protected from the growing number of ditches in the area that are created as people dig up the dirt to make bricks for their homes. A fence will protect the children and ensure they safe from any hazards. When schools in Zimbabwe resume, we will be ready to welcome the children back without worrying about their safety.