This Week: Wheels for the World!

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This week we took part in the wheels for the world campaign, worked on a new playground, and improved our reading!

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Bulale (Tanzania): Bible Club!

Recently at VOH Bulale, we held our second Bible Club which was open to other community children that do not attend our school. We had a total of 117 children come out to learn about Jesus. This included our 71 VOH kids who attend our school onsite and 46 children from the surrounding community.

We divided the children this time into age groups 4 through 7 years and then 8 through 12 years so we could make the teaching more applicable to each age group. There was a Bible session where the children were taught about God’s love and how he created the world. They even were able to watch a video about the creation story, which they loved!

They also played some games together and were given nutritious porridge all during this Saturday morning Bible Club. The kids enjoyed the whole club and are happy to be a part of this program!

Bwiza (Burundi): Sponsor Gifts

We are very excited when we receive gifts for our children. This time, Junior, one of VOH Children at Bwiza, received a generous gift from his sponsor, Geoffrey.

Junior loves playing soccer and is very good at it. His sponsor blessed him with a soccer ball, soccer jerseys, socks, shoes, and other items. This generous gift will make this hobby even more enjoyable for Junior as he grows his skills.

Junior is very happy to receive his gifts and is thankful for the generosity of his sponsor. Thank you, Geoffrey, for making Junior smile!

Chongwe (Zambia): Reading and Writing Program.

One of the goals for our school at VOH Chongwe this year has been to have all the children that have been struggling with reading and writing improve their literacy skills.

To achieve this goal, the school came up with lots of programs and tools. The library has been of great help; many children can use the resources there to improve. Thanks to our dedicated teachers, we know they will succeed!

Kitwe (Zambia): Celebrating Independence Day

Recently at VOH Kitwe, we celebrated Zambia’s National Day of Independence. The senior mother and her team organized lots of fun activities for the children. They played with toys and dressed up in costumes, there was singing of traditional songs, dancing, and beating of drums.

The housemothers all joined in on the activities. Events like these help foster positive relationships and social skills for the children and staff.

We closed off the day by educating the children on the background of Independence Day and sharing a special meal prepared by the moms.

Luongo (Zambia): Letters Writing Day!

VOH Luongo children had “letter writing day” last week. During this day, the teachers help all the children write letters to their sponsors. This time they were sharing how they will celebrate Christmas.

The children showed confidence and interest because they love writing to their sponsors. The teachers value this day because it helps the children practice their reading and writing skills.

The kids at VOH feel very privileged to be among the few in the community that are receiving education and other necessities. Writing these letters is a way for them to show their appreciation!

Malawi: Meet Charity

Charity is in our Baby Class at VOH Malawi. Charity started at VOH this year and is 4 years old. Charity lives in the community of Kauma where VOH is located and can easily walk to Lilongwe Hope Academy where she attends school.

Charity lives with her mom and has 1 brother and 1 sister. When Charity grows up, she wants to be a nurse. Her favourite part of attending LHA is learning the alphabet. Her favourite colour is yellow and her favourite animal is a chicken.

When she is not at school she loves helping with the sweeping at home, as well as washing plates for her sister, Love.

Maramvya (Burundi): Learning Chores

At VOH Maramvya we have been busy teaching our children how to do some basic chores to maintain the school premises and keep things clean and neat!

After school, all of the kids help clean their respective classes and the surrounding area. Involving the children allows us to teach the importance of cleanliness and maintenance.

One of the ways that we keep things clean is by having the children pick up any garbage scattered around the school and throw it in a common bin to be burned. Garbage can be a cause of disease and we want to teach our children the importance of cleanliness from a young age!

Mongu (Zambia): Soccer Club!

Hard work and passion for God-given talents are what we love seeing come out of our kids here at VOH Mongu! When our students get done with their afternoon studies after school, many of the boys at the school take the opportunity to perfect their talents in playing soccer by practicing at the school soccer club. This team trains twice every week and in the afternoons on the weekend as well.

The soccer team is coached by one of the locals from our surrounding communities, the boys and their coach decided to name their soccer club the Hope Stars. They just recently started participating in the occasional provincial school competition.

Kelvin (the team captain), Mutende, Mubiana, Muyunda, and Simate are among some of the boys that are part of the team from our VOH homes.

We love how happy our students are as they press into these talents and become more confident as a school and as individuals.

Mwanza (Tanzania): Wheels for the World Campaign

Recently at VOH Mwanza some of our children who are physically disabled were able to receive new wheelchairs and adjustments to their chairs to make them more suitable.

This was through the generosity of the Wheels for the World Campaign, which seeks to help support caregivers who are caring for disabled children.

Our caregivers received training on how to better care for our children with disabilities and we also received 5 wheelchairs (with personal adjustments for each child’s needs), 2 Swahili Bibles, 5 Audio Bibles, and hats.

We are grateful for organizations like this who can come alongside and support us as we love and provide the best care possible for the children in our programs!

Zimbabwe: Playtime!

Despite the heat this past week at VOH Zimbabwe, our children are still enjoying regular playtime.

It is encouraged by the Ministry of Education in Zimbabwe to allow children time to play as it aids their development. So a playground, that is still under development, has been put together to facilitate this for the children. There are still a few more things that have to be put in to complete it but for now, they can use part of it.

A local organization called Aids Health Care Foundation (AHF Zimbabwe) donated one of the jungle gyms and we are so grateful!