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VOH Kitwe: Going Green

19.02.2016 KITWE

VOH Kitwe is going green! We were recently introduced to the Emerging Cooking Solution, a Swedish owned company in Zambia that allows us to cook our HEPS (High Energy Protein Supplement) meal each day without using charcoal to light the fire. Instead, this new cooking solution allows us to use solar energy for cooking. While preparing our HEPS meal each day we are no longer emitting gases that contribute to global warming and are supporting the fight against deforestation. The materials we now use instead of charcoal are pellets of biomass made from saw dust and any other residue materials such as ground nut shells and maize stocks.

After we reported to Emerging Cooking Solutions just how well the stove was working for us, the company decided to donate another stove for us to use as well! We also purchased solar lamps for each house. We have indeed gone green and are making our children safe at night when there is so much electricity load shedding in the nation.

Purchasing the new stove and the solar lamps could have been very difficult had it not been for the donors and friends of VOH Africa and we are very thankful.

VOH Burundi: Educating Women

VOH Burundi is happy to report good changes happening in our children’s lives. 
These four beautiful ladies have been under the care of VOH Burundi for years. They were experiencing a lot of problems before they came to us because their guardians couldn’t afford the cost of their basic needs such as food, education, clothing, and a place to sleep.
VOH Burundi received permission to bring them into our children’s homes so  we could provide them a life full of love and protection and a life where their basic needs are met. Each one testifies that her housemother has treated her with love.
Now they are at the age where they can leave the children’s homes and move to the youth homes, where they learn to be responsible for their own life, to organize their time, and to work as a team of young people without being under constant adult supervision.
We are so proud of these young women!

VOH Chongwe: Art Programs

At VOH Chongwe we believe a well-rounded education is very important. For this reason, we have begun art-integrated programs including a Drama Group, which learns and shares the word of God through dances and songs to fellow students. This term, the drama group performed a skit about the love of Christ using the story of the Prodigal Son. Their fellow students loved it!

VOH Kenya: New Administration Building

At VOH Kenya our Administration Building is almost complete and looking fantastic thanks to the hard work of our construction team! The whole place is buzzing about how nice it looks and how it brings colour and life to the village. Though it’s intended use will be for administration offices, it will be used temporarily as a classroom for our Form 2 (Grade 10) students while they await the completion of the new high school.

VOH Malawi: Studying with Friends

This week at VOH Malawi we found these lovely grade 7 girls studying hard after school. Every afternoon we find these girls sitting together as they tackle their latest homework assignments. It’s great to watch them helping one another as they learn the material together. It’s equally great to hear them laughing and see them smiling as they study. We are so happy to see them embracing their studies as education is one of Village of Hope’s core values. With each new thingthey learn, we know their future becomes brighter and brighter.

VOH Mongu: Singing Worship

It is wonderful to have 5 girls from the VOH Mongu Children’s Homes join the music team at Hope Church, our local church here in Mongu. They all passed their auditions, and loved singing and dancing in their first practice! We pray this commitment will help the girls deepen their relationship with God and that it will join them together more as sisters.

VOH Mwanza: Back to School

At VOH Mwanza our school has been running for nearly a month and we welcome many new children as well as several new teachers. Our pre-school includes three class: Toddlers, Nursery and Reception, and we now have a Primary School, which includes grades 1-5.
All of the kids are excited to be back at school and into their routine. They love the new classrooms and are getting to know their new teachers. We thank God for this growth and continue to pray that we move forward with excellence, offering the very best education to our children here at VOH Mwanza.

VOH Zimbabwe: Prefects Investiture

Our primary school at VOH Zimbabwe held their Prefects investiture today. The head-boy, Simangaliso, is from one of our children’s homes at the Village. We are very proud of Siman, and all of the children who were selected to fill this important role in the new school year. Well done to all!

Photo of the Week:

Zimbabwe 9

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