Staff Profile: Meet Priscah

We are so thankful for all the staff who dedicate their time to caring for the VOH children. Each of them has an inspiring story, which is why we like to feature them on our blog–so you can get to know those who are helping us care for children in need. 

Today we are featuring Priscah, the Receptionist at VOH Kitwe… 


Priscah Mambwe Kasansaika

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“From the time I joined VOH Kitwe my life and that of my two children changed to good.”

Village of Hope Location:  VOH Kitwe

Position at village of hope: Receptionist

Been working with VOH since: September 2006


What is your story before coming to Village of Hope?

I was Born in a family of six: 2 men and 4 ladies. Dad and Mum separated when I was 5 years old. I grew up with dad and my step mum but dad died when I was in grade 9.

I completed grade 12 at the age of 19 and got married in 1995 because there was no one to take me for further education. In 2005 my husband died and life became difficult for me.

I am a widow aged 39 with two children, both boys. One aged 19 completed grade 12 at VOH kitwe school in 2012 and he is now in the Youth Empowerment Program. The other one aged 14 is doing grade 8 at VOH kitwe school and he scored the highest marks during the 2014 grade 7 national examinations.

What is the story behind how you first came to know about Village of Hope?

I lived with my husband in Luanshya one of the towns in the copperbelt but after his death I came to stay with mum and my two sisters in Racecourse compound in Kitwe where VOH Kitwe is located.

I started selling vegetables and fruits to help me and my children. I also started a counselling course with the little money I got from the sales. The business was not doing so well due to competition and I was new to the area.

Life became so difficult that I only managed a single meal per day for my children.

Before my completion of the counselling course, one Sunday in church I heard about VOH. I got interested and applied as an auntie. Two weeks after the completion of the course I was called for interviews at VOH Kitwe. Two weeks after the interviews I was called to say that I had been chosen to be an Auntie in one of the Chilren’s Homes.

How has Village of Hope helped you?

From the time I joined VOH Kitwe my life and that of my two children changed to good.

VOH has not only brought hope to my children and other children but to me and my extended family. I lost hope that my children would ever by able to receive an education but thanks to VOH their future is bright.

VOH has taken the worry I had when I lost my husband.

In 2012 I was offered an opportunity to become a receptionist in the office and that is the position that I am holding today, and I am enjoying my work.

VOH has also allowed me to be able to help my extended family get an education thanks to the income I receive.

Any final words?

I want to thank God for the great things He has done for me through Village of Hope. I’ve not only been helped physically, but also spiritually. I have also learned to love and help others because of how my family and I have been helped!


*Note: some edits have been made to this interview only for the purpose of translation and readability. No facts or details have been altered or removed. 

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