Burundi Students Pass Government Exams: This Week at Villages of Hope

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Burundi Students Pass Government Exams

08.21.2015 BURUNDI

VOH Burundi is rejoicing with four of our young girls in grade 6 who have managed to pass the National exams enabling them to qualify for secondary school!

We had 4 grade six students and all of them have made it into grade 7! They are full of hope and energy, and are looking forward to their first day in Secondary school.

VOH Chongwe Welcomes Visitors from Canada

08.21.2015 CHONGWE

VOH Chongwe is blessed once again to have volunteers from Canada. Emily, Erin and Jen have come from Ontario to hold a Vacation Bible School (VBS) with the children during our school recess. They are also working with our teachers, providing some teacher training and tutoring for students who need a little extra help. The kids are having a great time!

VOH Kitwe Gardening

08.21.2015 KITWE 1

The House Mothers at VOH Kitwe are careful to make sure the children are healthy by feeding them good and nutritious food. They work together with the children to make backyard gardens and plant vegetables. It is a great learning experience for the children to first plant and then later eat the vegetables that they grow. Many different types of vegetables are grown including tomatoes, onions, Spinach and giant rape.

The children are also taught how they can earn an income when they grow a lot of vegetables and have enough left over to be able to sell some at the local market.

Guardians Give Back to VOH Kitwe

08.21.2015 KITWE 2

This week VOH Kitwe had a good time with the Community parents and guardians who came to help work on the road inside the Village. When we made the appeal for help, the response was excellent! Working with the community gives them a sense of responsibility and a way for them to be able to contribute in appreciation for how VOH is helping their families.

VOH Malawi Award Ceremony

08.21.2015 MALAWI


At VOH Malawi we celebrated the end of our school year with an awards ceremony. The ceremony included dancing, poetry, and drama as well as certificates and awards for our top learners. Pictured here are all of our award recipients proudly displaying the recognition of their various achievements! We are so proud of these excellent students.

Mongu Primary School Registration

08.21.2015 MONGU


The school staff at VOH Mongu recently celebrated our primary school registration! The school team worked tirelessly to complete all of the necessary requirements for registration with the Ministry of Education. After a strong recommendation from District and Provincial authorities, the school’s registration came quickly from the National authorities when our head teacher met with them in Lusaka. We are so proud our school has reached this level of consideration from the Zambian government, and we praise God for its smooth forthcoming. The teachers and staff celebrated its success with a dinner party that was also attended by the local Village Induna (leader). We are now pursuing registration for our secondary school.

 Latest Blog “VOH Kitwe Annual Career EXPO”

07.17.2015 KITWE

The VOH Kitwe youth program had their 4th annual Career EXPOS and enjoyed learning about new small business ideas! Read our latest blog to find out how the event went. [click here]

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We are #BringingHope to children in need so they can reach their dreams!

07.17.2015 POTW


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