Meet Kerry and Penina

VOH Kenya would like to introduce you to Kerry (left) and Penina (right) who both live in our children’s homes. Kerry and Penina’s father was killed in the post-election violence of 2008. Their mother did not have steady employment but woke up early every morning and walked around her village trying to find random jobs that people needed done (washing, planting, digging).


Because the mother could not get enough money to properly feed and support all 3 of her children, her oldest child dropped out of school and worked instead.

Finally in 2013 she visited Village of Hope and asked for help. Kerry and Penina were warmly welcomed and immediately began receiving 3 healthy meals everyday. They also were able to attend school, which was something that was not possible since their father’s death.

Today, Kerry is 8 years old and in grade 3, and Penina is 7 years old and in Kindergarten. They are both happy and healthy, and enjoy regular visits with their mother and brother!

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