Pillowcase Dresses for VOH Chongwe: This week at Villages of Hope

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IMG_0117Pillowcase Dresses for VOH Chongwe!

Last week VOH Chongwe was blessed to receive a suitcase full of home made dresses from a church in Manitoba. The dresses are made from pillowcases and fancy trimming is added. The girls were thrilled to receive such a beautiful gift and plan to keep them for church and other special occasions. We are so thankful for the special gifts that are sent to Village of Hope from time to time. These acts of kindness are a blessing and show the children that they are loved even by people who they may never meet!


IMG_0104Meet Kay-fils

Meet Kay-Fils, one of the newest children at VOH Burundi. His father rejected and abandoned  him from the day he was born. His mother was struggling to care for him and his young brother, and then she was told about VOH and how we help children in need by providing education, nutrition, and healthcare.

Since welcoming Kay-Fils into the VOH Burundi  family, he and his mother and young brother have been blessed to have these basic needs met. Kay-Fils mother is so thankful and happy to be experience God’s love through the care of her children.

VOH Kenya Choir Practise

The VOH Kenya choir is practicing and getting ready to take part in the 2014 Kenyan Music Festival Competition at their district level. They gather together almost every day to practice their poetry and singing with their choir leader, Richard. The children are very dedicated and love the opportunity to take part in these competitions with other schools and sharpen their talents!

watch: http://youtu.be/rVZsl3D4qww

IMG_0105VOH Malawi Encouragement Box

New at VOH Malawi – an encouragement/suggestion box! There are cards that both staff and children can fill out to make suggestions for improving things as well as cards to encourage each other or say thank you. The teenagers all have secret partners that they send notes of encouragement to monthly. It’s been great seeing everyone get excited and on board with this new program and to see the notes flooding in!

IMG_0106Bethlehem House at VOH Mwanza

Bethlehem house at VOH Mwanza is home to 11 children, one mama and auntie along with 3 special needs caregivers. It was originally a home for just babies and small children, but other children and youth of varying ages have moved into the home to join the children who were there. Everyone is very happy and doing great together as a new family.

IMG_0107Bible College Visits VOH Zimbabwe

Last week VOH Zimbabwe was happy to be visited by students from the local Bible College. The purpose of the visit was to give the Bible College students an opportunity to learn about Village of Hope and to see how they can be involved in the lives of others in ways other than just preaching. Having the opportunity to meet the orphans and vulnerable children being cared for by VOH stirred up a passion in the Bible College students to find ways to assist where possible. It was a great time for everyone as the children and students visited with one another.

VOH Zimbabwe Science ExhibitionLatest Blog: VOH Zimbabwe Science Exhibition

The science exhibition programme is meant to enhance the scientific mind of students despite their different intellectual capacity. The exhibition was carried out at the VOH Zimbabwe school with participants from both the primary school and the secondary school. Students made projects that have a scientific application. They made a choice from projects ranging from models, designs, collections, investigations, and recipes… Read full story

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