Fire Safety Training at VOH Malawi: This week at Villages of Hope

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Fire Safety Training at VOH Malawi 

Tuesday 1 - malawi fire training

VOH Malawi recently had a Fire Safety Training day. The fireman (far right) came in and gave training for 3 hours to all of our staff and the children ages 7 and up. The mom in the photo is Rosemary and she has been with VOH since 2007.

Everyone was very excited to receive this extra training and the moms and fireman made it fun for all of the children!


VOH Kitwe Thanks Volunteers

Monday 1 - voh kitwe amber evan

VOH Kitwe would like to thank Evan and Amber Moffat who came as volunteers this past January. The Moffats organized special fun days on weekends for the children and worked with the Youth Empowerment Program establishing many new training and entrepreneurial programs to help our students both now and in the future.

In addition, Amber, who is a nurse, served at the clinic and Evan worked alongside our maintenance foreman to help keep the Village looking good! We were happy to share a farewell/thankyou cake with them, everyone agreed that they have been a huge blessing!


Devotionals at VOH Kenya

Tuesday 2 - VOH Kenya bible reading

It is 8:30 am at VOH-Kenya and Reagan has found a quiet seat to pray and read his bible. Every morning at VOH-Kenya all students, teachers, and moms take time to read the Bible and then we all pray. There is a beautiful feeling of family as we all start our day together this way!

VOH Burundi Baby Shower

Wednesday 1 - voh burundi baby shower

Last week VOH Burundi Staff paid a visit to our Administrator, Odette, to officially meet and welcome her little baby who was born last month. Odette, who is seen on the left, was thrilled to have a visit from everyone. The feelings of love, unity, and relationship among VOH-Burundi staff members continues to grow as we share and celebrate these special times together. Congratulation, Odette!


Exercise Books for VOH Kitwe

Thursday 2 - VOH Kitwe exercise books

VOH Kitwe Elementary school children were happy to receive new exercise books! The purchase of these books was made possible by a donation from a Sunday School class in BC who wanted to raise funds to help the children in Zambia that they have heard so much about.

These books are an essential tool for the children’s schooling and this gift is a huge blessing. The school was also happy to know that this donation was made possible by children who wanted to help other children!


Photos of the Week:

Feel free to save & share
Feel free to save & share

We are all about Bringing Hope to children in need, which is what our #BringingHope photo project is all about! Hope so he can become a policeman and she can become a musician!

Feel free to save & share
Feel free to save & share



This week’s blog: Meet the Nurses of VOH Africa


We are so thankful for all the staff who dedicate their time to caring for the VOH children, and each of them has an inspiring story  – which is why we like to feature them on our blog, so you can get to know those who are helping us care for children in need. 

Today we are featuring some of the nurses who help us provide medical services to the children in our care…Read Here



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