According to UNICEF’s 2008 state of the world’s children, “Most children whose parents are ill or deceased have their education interrupted”. UNICEF also states that “Orphans are less likely to be in school and more likely to fall behind or drop out, compromising their abilities and prospects”. Adult literacy rates in many sub-saharan countries are low. And in the countries we operate in, they average around 70% – with the lowest being Burundi at 67%. Villages of Hope Africa responds to these critical issues by providing free education from preschool to grade 12 for over 2000 children. The children and youth attending a Village of Hope school are taught from local government curriculum and write government exams. The schools also provide the opportunity to be involved in sports, music and other extra-curricular activities providing a well rounded education for the students. Being able to attend school has brought hope for a brighter future to each child.

How you can help us provide Education:

  • Sponsor a class $275 per month
  • Sponsor a Teacher $50 per month
  • Youth High School Completion $40 per month

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Villages of Hope – Africa is a Canadian charitable organization registered with the CRA. We provide education, nutrition, and healthcare to children in need throughout Africa. We also provide shelter for children who have no place to live. Our mission is to bring lasting hope to children at risk so they can embrace adulthood and become contributing members of society.

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