This Week: Celebrating Members of our VOH Family

This week at VOH Africa, we celebrated members of our VOH family, built a fence, and decorated a classroom!

VOH Bwiza: T-Shirts from Canada

Recently, a teacher in Edmonton, Alberta, organized a fundraising race for Burundi. They had t-shirts made to help raise awareness for the fundraiser, and Russel, one of our VOH sponsors, received some of the shirts. 

Russell came to VOH Bwiza during Cross Church’s recent visit, bringing the t-shirts with him. He gave the shirts to the children at our centre, who were overjoyed. 

It’s incredible to see how t-shirts from Canada that were made to fund a project in Burundi ended up being worn in Burundi at our Bwiza centre!

VOH Chongwe: Meet Mother Rebecca

Mother Rebecca, as she is fondly called, is a valuable member of our staff at VOH Chongwe. She joined the organization in October 2013 as a housemother and has served for 11 years.

Rebecca is our senior housemother, working hand in hand with the other mothers to ensure all the children in the homes are well taken care of and loved.

When asked what she enjoys most about her work, Rebecca responded with a big smile that she loves spending time with children. She is passionate about teaching them how to spell words, read and write. She added that she doesn’t consider it merely a job but a calling or ministry.

When she is not working, Rebecca loves gardening and learning new skills from others.

We are so happy to have Mother Rebecca as a part of the VOH workforce and a member of the VOH Chongwe family!

VOH Kitwe: Utilizing Drip Irrigation

Agriculture is one of our primary activities at VOH Kitwe, and our favourite seasonal crops are maize and sweet potatoes. 

This week, those working on the agriculture project were busy in the greenhouses. They planted tomatoes and other green vegetables. 

The team uses drip irrigation to water the tomato plants. Drip irrigation saves water and ensures that water reaches the roots of the plants. Inside the greenhouse, the warmth and humidity also promote plant growth. 

We are confident our greenhouses will establish an optimal environment for cultivation and protect the crops against diseases and pests. 

VOH Malawi: Sumaria’s Education Journey

Teaching is a profound journey where minds are nurtured, growth is fostered, and curiosity is ignited in learners. In the classroom, every moment presents an opportunity for teachers to inspire, guide, and witness the transformative power of education. 

This week at VOH Malawi, we celebrate the “I can do” spirit, exemplified by one of our students, Sumaria. 

Despite struggling with reading and writing for the past seven years, Sumaria never gave up. With unwavering determination and the assistance of his teachers, Sumaria has made remarkable progress and can now read! 

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Sumaria’s teachers, parents, and sponsors for their unwavering support in helping him realize his potential. We also express gratitude to God for this fantastic achievement. 

With continued encouragement and support, we remain hopeful that Sumaria will achieve his dream of becoming a police officer. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance, dedication, and belief in oneself.

VOH Maramvya: Perimeter Fence Construction

At VOH Maramvya, we recognize the importance of creating a secure and protected space for the children and guarding the premises from potential security threats. To ensure these goals are met, we’ve started the construction of a fence around our centre.

This initiative aligns with our commitment to create a safe and nurturing environment for the children, where they can thrive and grow without concerns for their security.

The construction is being carried out with careful consideration for the surrounding community and natural environment.

The project has also presented an opportunity for community involvement, as residents and volunteers have come together to get jobs by supporting the construction efforts. 

The collaborative spirit and dedication of those involved in this project have further demonstrated the commitment to the safety and security of the children at our centre. 

VOH Mongu: Enhancing our School Environment

Throughout the school break at VOH Mongu, we kept busy preparing the school for the upcoming academic year by investing in various enhancement projects. 

Among our achievements, a playhouse emerged, specifically for our baby class. We are excited for the children to have a space for early childhood learning and exploration! 

In addition, we cleaned and repaired all of the desks and tested our creativity by painting a mural on the wall. Outside, we planted various flowers, transforming the landscape with beautiful colours and fragrances.

Our collaborative efforts beautified the physical space and embodied the spirit of dedication and community at the heart of our educational institution.

VOH Zimbabwe: Meet Brandon

Meet Brandon, one of the exceptional young adults at VOH Zimbabwe who is pursuing a Computer Science degree at a local university. 

Brandon has triumphed over numerous obstacles and has consistently demonstrated exceptional academic performance throughout his educational journey, from primary school to high school and now at the university level.

His outstanding work ethic and unwavering discipline are defining characteristics of his persona. He remains focused on his aspirations and targets in life, continuously striving to push his boundaries and reach new heights. 

Brandon willingly dedicates his time during school breaks to assisting in our office, managing day-to-day tasks, and working with computer systems. Additionally, he actively participates in various church programs.

We express our gratitude to the individuals who have continuously supported Brandon’s dreams, and we earnestly pray and hope for his continued success!

You can help a VOH child grow into a thriving young adult like Brandon has through child sponsorship! Learn more:

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