This Week: VOH parent volunteers lend a hand!

This week, parent volunteers helped clean our school, students moved up a grade for the new year, and we received Bibles!

VOH Bulale (Tanzania) Update: Thank You, Parent Volunteers!

Since its establishment four years ago, VOH Bulale has grown to be a Centre of learning, growth, and good health for children in the surrounding community. This is a result of the services we provide to our children, from physical exams, nutrition plans, and meal packages when school is closed. In addition, we provide uniforms and stationery at the start of each new year. Recently, the parents from the VOH Bulale community were more than willing to respond to the invitation to come together and help in cleaning and maintaining the school environment. This was an excellent opportunity to meet each other, socialize, and have fun. We are very grateful for their help, and we hope we will have more ways to get parents involved in the future!

VOH Chongwe (Zambia) Update: Returning to School!

The VOH Chongwe school opened this past week, and the children are so excited to be back in school after the break. There were smiles all around when they reconnected with their friends. Although the children enjoyed the break, they are excited to be back and start the next grade. They were delighted to return to the library again and reconnect with their teachers, who are always ready and happy to help them with their work! With the return, we continue to follow COVID-19 safety procedures, which the students are now used to.

VOH Kitwe (Zambia) Update: Meet Sheila

VOH Kitwe would like you to meet Sheila. Sheila is one of our grade 11 students. She is very excited to be back at school and entering a new grade at the start of this new school year. Shila is a very determined girl, and she wants to be trained in the Zambian military when she graduates from high school. She loves to read and is very happy to be back in school and have access to the library so she can read more books! Sheila often expresses how much she appreciates what VOH Kitwe has done and is still doing in her life. She is also part of the Discipleship class, where she says she learns a lot with VOH Africa Director Uncle Serge. We are very thankful for the opportunity to build into Sheila’s life, both academically and spiritually.

VOH Luongo (Zambia) Update: Receiving Bibles!

At VOH Luongo, we focus on providing holistic care for our children. We are concerned about their health, academics, and spiritual life. This week, we share how the children benefit from the discipleship program and have recently received New International Revised Versions of the Bible. It is their first time to own a Bible for many, and they are excited that they can now read the Bible at home.

VOH Malawi Update: Pest Control

This week we had a fumigation team come and treat our offices and storage rooms at VOH Malawi. Pests invade almost every building in Malawi. Despite our daily cleaning, the critters can still sometimes manage to get in. Doing everything we can to remain pest-free is essential, especially where we keep food items. This is why we call in the experts. Now we get to go months without worrying!

VOH Mongu (Zambia) Update: Starting the New School Year

It’s the start of yet another exciting school year here at VOH Mongu! We are so eager and excited to see what this year will hold. Our teachers and kids are back in school feeling refreshed and ready to begin the term. We are also glad to have our grade 8 students leave primary school for junior high, and our grade 10 students move into senior high! We believe with all the additional COVID-19 safety guidelines in place for this new school year, our staff and students are well-prepared to begin their lessons!

VOH Zimbabwe Update: Discipleship

At VOH Zimbabwe, we encourage everyone to take part in the discipleship of our children. This year we incorporated discipleship training into our annual seminar. We were grateful to have one of our graduates, Biggie, share his testimony on how VOH shaped his life and helped him become the person he is today. He is working with a church that originated in Korea and plans to continue studying to expand his impact. It is heartwarming to know that all the efforts we make positively impact our children!

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