This Week: Supporting the Community

VOH Africa: VOH Kids Sing "The Blessing" for Day of Charity

VOH Bwiza (Burundi) Update: Back to School Supplies!

At VOH Bwiza we are distributing school supplies to each of our children as they return to school. Students received exercise books, pens, and other supplies.

This period has been challenging all around the world including here in Burundi where many people have lost their jobs and faced many different challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are thankful to be able to still care for our students despite these challenges.

We want to thank all of our sponsors and donors for supporting our students!

VOH Chongwe (Zambia) Update: Child Safeguarding Training

This week at VOH Chongwe our Child Safeguarding Team led by Shaline Mwenya, the Village Director, has been working on the process of contextualizing the updated policy.

Once this training process is complete, the policy will be implemented and it will help the entire Village ensure that our children are safe, loved, and well cared for.

The team includes two members from the local community who pass on the information to the children’s caregivers and other community members.

VOH Luongo (Zambia) Update: New Testament Bibles!

This week at VOH Luongo we received New Testament Bibles given to us by VOH Kitwe for use in our Luongo Discipleship class. This is a class of grade 6 students.

The first story they read together was about when Jesus told His disciples, “Let the little children come to me for the kingdom of God belongs to them” from Matthew 19:14. The children were so happy to know the kingdom of God is for young children like them.

They are so excited to own a Bible so they can read it at home. They will share the love of Christ with the other children in the community.

VOH Malawi Update: Garden Project

This week at VOH Malawi we are celebrating the amazing growth in our garden project. The hard work of our staff, along with warm sunny days and water from our borehole have come together to give this garden health and vitality.

We are growing Irish potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions, and cabbage. They are all thriving throughout the garden. We just can’t wait to see what the harvest will bring in!

VOH Maramvya (Burundi) Update: Supporting Widows

This Week at VOH Maramvya we distributed food packs to widows who recently moved to Maramvya from Bwiza with their children. To help them start a new life in Maramvya, we provided basic food supplies including rice, beans, cooking oil, maize flour, and small fish.

We provided enough food to last at least one month, which will give them a chance to establish their own small businesses so they can support themselves.

We also provided them with a bit of start-up money, which will help with their expenses and supporting their children.

The women are excited and are looking forward to integrating into the community of Maramvya!

VOH Mongu (Zambia) Update: Boxes of Love!

We were so excited to receive and give out Boxes of Love to our children at VOH Mongu this week! With COVID-19 and all of the new regulations that it has brought, the Boxes were such a treat and blessing to our students and our staff this year.

Following along with government regulations, we were able to call the children to come to school to collect both their monthly homework packs and their Box of Love. They were blessed with clothes, school supplies, treats, toys, and even some backpacks!

We have a few sets of twins in our school and they always enjoy seeing what each other got because they get to share everything!

The children loved being able to come and see their friends and their teachers again after a few weeks of being away. We are so grateful to everyone that makes it possible to receive these Boxes each year. They are such a blessing to our students and their families!

VOH Mwanza (Tanzania) Update: Providing Temporary Support

A couple of months ago at VOH Mwanza, we received three siblings who needed emergency shelter while Social Welfare was handling their case. They were removed from their home due to an abusive situation.

We partnered with another organization and worked together to support these young children. We provided shelter, nutrition, and care for them while the other organization provided a social worker to work with the children and provide counselling.

We are grateful to be able to step in and offer support to these three special children. They are now moving into a home at our partner organization’s center so they can be closer to school and receive continued support while their case is being handled.

Though they were with us just a short time, we will miss them and pray for the best with their family situation!

VOH Zimbabwe Update: Solar Power!

Zimbabwe has been experiencing ongoing challenges with our power supply company making it very difficult for us to continue to provide clean water for the children living in our children’s homes.

We have several functional boreholes on site, so we decided to switch the power source on the main borehole to solar. Solar is more reliable for us in Zimbabwe. Studies have shown that we have the sun shining eighty percent of the time throughout the year. We are confident this will help us continue to provide clean water for the children without interruptions!

Support our Work During COVID-19 by Giving Hope Packs!

voh africa hope packs

Each package contains:

  • 1 bottle of liquid hand soap
  • 2kgs of nutritious porridge
  • reusable face masks (with use and care instructions)
  • children’s multi-vitamins
  • a COVID-19 safety handout

Each HOPE Pack costs $20.