Meet Naomie: VOH Housemother

We love introducing and sharing the stories of the children, youth, and staff of VOH Africa. Today we are introducing Naomi, one of the housemothers at VOH Burundi…

Name: Naomie
Location: VOH Burundi
Position: Housemother
Joined VOH: August 2013


What is your story before coming to Village of Hope?

Before coming to VOH Burundi, I was living in very difficult conditions in my life. I had to care for my own two children and three other children that were left by a friend of mine when she passed away. As I couldn’t abandon my friend’s children, I brought them into my house and we became many in a very small home.

I was living in a single room house that I rented with all those five children without any source of income. I was always praying for God to see my situation and to change my conditions of life. I was struggling to pay rent and often we would go to sleep without eating. I could not pay the school fees for the children, either.

In one word, I was hopeless.


How did you first came to know about Village of Hope?

VOH Burundi is a real miracle to my children and me.

One day, I heard from a friend who attends Burundi Assemblies of God Church that there was an opportunity to apply to receive help for orphans. I went there and asked for help for the three children that I was caring for.

I was very excited to hear the three children were accepted after just a few days. I couldn’t contain my emotion. God is amazing.

Soon after, I received a visit at my home from one of the three children’s sponsors. When the visitor found how my own children were struggling to go to school they arranged for my two children to also be enrolled in the VOH Burundi school and feeding program.

How has Village of Hope helped you?

After joining VOH, all my main struggles were gone; my children could go to school without any trouble. I can’t forget that miracle.

God is still doing miracles. I am one of those miracles because one year after my children became a part of the VOH family, there was a position for a housemother at VOH and I applied and was hired.

Today, I am serving at VOH Burundi as a housemother. I am overwhelmed by God’s care and faithfulness. I live now in a house, I have a fridge, my children and I eat very good meals, and we all sleep on mattresses.

I can’t express how thankful I am to be a part of this lovely family.

Any final words?

I am extremely thankful to all the people at Village of Hope who thought about us and brought us help when we were really struggling. It’s difficult to express just how much they have impacted my life and my children’s lives. May God bless them.

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Note: Some edits have been made to this interview only for the purpose of translation and readability. No facts or details have been altered or removed.

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