VOH Kitwe Students Excel in their Exams: This Week at Villages of Hope

Check out what’s been going on this week at Villages of Hope-Africa!


VOH Kitwe Students Excel in their Exams

 Kitwe High School

The results from recent government exams in Kitwe have just been received and we are very proud of how our students have done. The Grade 7 class had an 82% pass rate, the grade 9 class an 85% pass rate and the grade 12 class received a 96% pass rate! Congratulations to all the students and thanks to all the teachers who do such a great job!


VOH-Chongwe Farming God’s Way

chongwe - Farming God's way

VOH Chongwe is learning how to garden through Farming God’ s way – a method of farming that uses small space, composite manure and little water. Thanks to this newly learned method, we have healthy Vegetables in our gardens that will help us raise health children!


Parents Meeting at VOH-Mongu Clinic


This week the Village of Hope Community School in Mongu had its parents meeting. Over 100 parents and guardians attended the meeting and were updated on all the progress in the school. The staff from the Village of Hope Clinic also attended the meeting and carried out an excellent lesson on child health and hygiene. It was very encouraging to see the support of the parents and to hear their appreciation towards the teachers for the excellent jobs they are doing!


Tennis Lessons at VOH-Zimbabwe

VOH Zimbabwe Tennis

We are thankful at VOH-Malawi to have a young man, Nathan Hook who has a tennis club. Nathan and his assistants volunteer to teach tennis at our school, beginning with our Pre-School children. This week they had their first lesson: Watch the Ball, and Move Your Feet!


Local Sugar Company Donates to VOH-Kenya

Kibos sugar industry donation

VOH-Kenya was grateful to receive a food donation from the Kibos Sugar Industry!



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