Ride for Refuge!

This year Villages of Hope-Africa is taking part in
Ride for Refuge

By joining a Villages of Hope-Africa team and/or supporting the Ride for Refuge, you are not only supporting Ride for Refuge and their work with refugees, the exploited, and the vulnerable, but you are also helping raise awareness for Villages of Hope and raise funds to help us continue to help children in need throughout Africa.

What is “The RIDE”?

Ride for Refuge is a fundraising bike marathon that helps bring support and awareness to various charitable organizations (such as Villages of Hope!). From their website: “The Ride for Refuge helps churches and charities fund and promote their work with people who are displaced, vulnerable, and exploited” (find out more HERE).

How is Villages of Hope Involved?

This year, Villages of Hope is taking part in The RIDE by allowing teams to register under our name and raise money for VOH. Currently we have six registered teams (in Brampton, North Bay, Vancouver, and Waterloo) who will all be riding for us.

How Can You Be Involved?

There are several ways to get involved with Villages of Hope in the Ride for Refuge.

1. Register a team – get together some friends and/or coworkers and register a team to ride for Villages of Hope! To register, go to: www.rideforrefuge.org/partner/vohafrica

2. Join a team – if you aren’t sure about starting a team of your own, why not join a team? To join, go to: www.rideforrefuge.org/partner/vohafrica and click on a team from your area (from the yellow box on the right). You will be directed to this team’s page and there you can choose to join (button on left sidebar of page).

3. Sponsor a team – If biking isn’t quite your thing, you can still be involved by sponsoring a team. To do so, to here: www.rideforrefuge.org/partner/vohafrica and click on the team you are interested in sponsoring. Once you are directed to that team’s page, you will see a “Sponsor” button on the left sidebar of the page. You can also sponsor a specific rider by clicking HERE and entering in the first and last name of the person you would like to support.

4. Last (but not least) tell your friends! – Whether you are going to take part in The RIDE or not, don’t forget to spread the word! You never know who of your friends/family/coworkers are dying to take part in a charity bike ride! Direct them to the Ride for Refuge website (www.rideforrefuge.org) where they can search “VOH Africa” to find our page of the R4R website OR get them to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you at the finish line!


*banner image taken from Ride for Refuge website (www.rideforrefuge.org)

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