Meet Sharline…

Sharline Mwenya started as a teacher at the community school for the Village of Hope in Kitwe, Zambia and now she is the Assistant Administrator of the whole village. This is Sharline’s story…

How did you find out about Village of Hope?

I began working at Village of Hope in Kitwe 13 years ago as a part-time teacher when the school had 43 children in attendance.  I later became a full-time teacher there and then the Deputy Head Teacher and then Head Teacher.
How has village of Hope helped you?
Village of hope has helped me pursue a course in Business Administration which has been a huge help and I am now serving as the Assistant Administrator for the whole Village of Hope in Kitwe.
On a personal level, through employment at Village of Hope I am able to rent a decent house. I used to be evicted from houses time after time because of not being able to consistently pay the rent, but for 11 years now I have lived in the same home and I can’t even remember the shame of eviction.
Through the encouragement that I have received from my friends and colleagues and the trust that the Village of Hope leadership has placed in me, I have become confident and have discovered that I am well able.
Because I have had consistent employment, my daughter is getting a good education and I believe that I am able to be a better mother because of the things that I have learned over the years through my association with Village of Hope and the many people that have come alongside to teach, share and encourage both the children and the staff.
While at Village of Hope I have discovered how to use my giftings to help others and I have learned how to be a team player.
The List is endless!
What is your Testimony?
Working at Village of Hope has helped me become a better person that i wouldn’t have become elsewhere.  The good times and the bad times have all been tools that God has used to make me a better person.  I now believe, and I shall always believe, that every human being is a Treasure in the hands of God our creator.


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