Country Profile

Information and Statistics found at unicef.org

“Issues facing children in Zimbabwe: The HIV/AIDS epidemic has assumed staggering proportions. A quarter of the population is HIV-positive; more than half of all new infections are among young people, primarily girls.”


  • Total population (2012) – 13,724,300
  • Under-5 mortality rate (2012) – 9%
  • Life expectancy at birth (2012) – 58.1 yrs
  • Total adult literacy rate(2008-2012) – 83.6%
  • Estimated number of people living with HIV (2012) – 1,400,000

VOH Locations:

  • Harare

About VOH Zimbabwe

VOH Zimbabwe opened in 2001 and is located on Goodhope Road on the western edge of Harare, the nation’s capital.

The following programs are provided to the children of VOH Zimbabwe:


Daily nutritional needs are met for all of the children through the Feeding Program, which provides a free meal for those in our care. This happens on site and off site. Currently, this the program is feeding just over 200 children.


The Cornelius Hope Academy provides free schooling for preschool-grade 11. Over 650 children receive education under our care. The school excels in many other areas especially volleyball and netball. In the past, we’ve even won provincial competitions.


An onsite clinic provides for the children’s medical needs. The clinic is a blessing to the community and partners with the government as an outreach centre.


There are 9 children’s homes with nearly 70 resident children living on site. Three youth homes are also open and running on the site.