We believe in providing holistic care to each VOH Africa child. To us, part of holistic care involves offering spiritual guidance. This is why discipleship is important to us.

The aim of our discipleship program is that each VOH child understands who God is and that He loves them individually.

Discipleship is a part of daily life at each VOH location. We disciple our children at school, in the homes, and around the Village. We use a conversational and interactive approach, engaging all the senses and imagination. We encourage them to ask questions, allowing them to discover the answers for themselves with guidance from their leaders.

Goals of Discipleship:

  • Develop in every VOH child the desire to learn more about God
  • Ensure each child is taught from and understands the Bible’s message
  • Present the gospel in such a way that children are excited about it and want to share it with their friends
  • Shape children’s behaviour by their love for God and not out of fear of punishment
  • Encourage children to not abandon their faith when troubles come their way
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