Tag: VOH Mongu

Donated Wheelchairs: this week at VOH Africa

Five of our precious therapy children at VOH Mongu have been gifted with wheelchairs fitted to their medical needs!

Small Business Training: this week at VOH Africa

Each week at VOH Mongu, we have our Save A Life Feeding Program where around 50 children and their caregivers come to receive food, healthcare, and training on health topics.

Teaching Practical Skills: this week at VOH Africa

In our classes at VOH Mongu, we recently started putting more emphasis on the practical applications of our subjects, showing the students how they will be able to use the things we are teaching them in their daily lives.

Moms and Tots Program: this week at VOH Africa

Each week at VOH Mongu we hold a Moms and Tots program, where all of our little ones at the homes gather with their mothers and aunties.

New School Uniforms: this week at VOH Africa

Our Secondary School at VOH Mongu was so excited to receive new school uniforms this week! The students helped decide what colours and patterns they wanted and then we were able to get them made here in Mongu.