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Protection Through Vaccinations: this week at VOH Africa

Welcome to our weekly news roundup! Here we share stories from each of our Villages¬†about our Programs, celebrations, children, and staff. If you’d like to receive these updates via email, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Child Health Week: this week at VOH Africa

Child Health Week provides an opportunity for us at VOH Kitwe to deliver essential medical services to our children. All the children under 5 and girls over 15 attended.

Health Checkup: this week at VOH Africa

This week at VOH Burundi we were happy to welcome back Zena, one of our former children! She did a health checkup on all of our children at VOH Burundi!

Distributing Mosquito Nets: this week at VOH Africa

VOH Malawi had the pleasure of handing out mosquito nets to all of our children. Over 200 nets have been distributed this rainy season when cases of malaria are at their apex.

Kitwe Clinic Outreach: this week at VOH Africa

We see an average of 800 to 1000 new patients at the VOH Kitwe Clinic each month and are so happy we are able to show love for our community in this way.