VOH Mwanza Giving Back: this week at VOH Africa

At VOH Mwanza our older youth have been giving back by lending a hand with projects. They are painting our Pre-school and lending a hand in our community.

VOH Children Receive Boxes of Love!

Boxes of Love 2017 Feature

Each year churches across British Columbia fill shoeboxes with school supplies, toys, and necessities. These “Boxes of Love” are packed and shipped to VOH.

Giving out Bibles: this week at Villages of Hope

Here’s what’s happening this week at Villages of Hope-Africa… * Kenya: Giving Out Bibles At our Sunday School program for VOH Kenya, we were able to hand out Bibles to every child and youth attending. We handed out 150… Read More

Letters to Sponsors: this week at VOH Africa

Writing letters is a great way for the children to express how much they appreciate the support and care they receive from their sponsors.

Malawi Gives Back: this week at VOH Africa

During the Easter Holiday, VOH Malawi took the opportunity to patch and paint the inside of the church we partner with for our preschool and feeding program.