Mwanza Field Trip: this week at VOH Africa

Every year at VOH Mwanza we hold an Awards Ceremony and the children who perform well in school and are helpful in their home receive awards.

Chongwe Cleaning Day: this week at VOH Africa

This week the kids at VOH Chongwe finished writing their end of the term exams and enjoyed spending time helping their teachers clean the classrooms and making sure they are ready for the start of our next term.

Mongu Health Week: this week at VOH Africa

Keeping our children healthy, safe, and protected is a top priority at VOH Mongu so Health Week is a very important process for us each month.

New Youth Transition Home: this week at VOH Africa

We are excited at VOH Mwanza to open our first Youth Transition Home! This will be a place for our high school grads to learn how to live independently.

Writing to Sponsors: this week at VOH Africa

Here’s what’s happening this week at Villages of Hope-Africa… * Chongwe: Writing to Sponsors Last week was writing to sponsors week at VOH Chongwe. Our children always enjoy the opportunity to communicate with their sponsors. This time they told… Read More