Going on Safari: this week at VOH Africa

At VOH Mwanza we are grateful for a local Safari company who donated a one-day safari to the Serengeti to our Form 4 graduates!

Mongu Occupational Therapy: this week at VOH Africa

We’re excited to see the new Occupational Therapy room set up right next to our school at VOH Mongu! All that remains is painting and setting up equipment.

Sand Water Filters: this week at VOH Africa

At VOH Mwanza we were excited to have visitors come teach some of our children and staff how to build and use a sand water filter.

Welcoming the Vice President: this week at VOH Africa

Betty, one of the VOH Chongwe girls, presented flowers to the Zambian Vice President, Inonge Wina, upon her arrival visiting the Chongwe District.

Merry Christmas from VOH Africa!

We would like to say a big thank you on behalf of all of the VOH children and staff. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very blessed 2017!