VOH Chongwe is a Safe Haven: This week at Villages of Hope

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VOH Chongwe is a Safe Haven

IMG_0178At VOH Chongwe as we work with the local Social welfare office and other local authorities, time and again we are finding ourselves caring for abused children that are brought to our gates for refuge while their cases are being investigated by the local authorities. Alick, who is just 7 years old, was badly beaten by his father, and his mother ran away in fear.
When the father found out that the police had been notified and were on their way, he fled leaving Alick behind. The Father is still on the run and the police are still searching for him, but they brought Alick to live at Village of Hope where they know he will be well cared for.
The first picture is of Alick the day he arrived at the Village, and the second picture is Alick just two weeks later. He is now a happy boy and we are seeing hope in his eyes! We thank God that we are able to put a  smile on his face and make him feel loved and special.

VOH Burundi Graduates

IMG_0174Meet Zena from VOH Burundi. Zena graduated from high school this month and is thankful to Village of Hope for making this possible. She did not believe the day would come when she would complete her high school education; now she proudly displays her certificate as a testimony to her hard work and to making the very most of the opportunity that has been given to her through VOH.
Cyriaque, the Head Teacher, was helping her with extra lessons after school hours at the Bwiza Center and was so happy to share this special moment with Zena! Now she dreams of one day becoming a doctor.

Back to School at VOH Kenya

IMG_0176It’s the first week back to school after August break at VOH Kenya! Here’s a little insider information about the curriculum, VOH Kenya children are mostly from the Luo tribe and their first language is Dholuo. When they enter into grade 1, they start to study Swahili and English. By the time they graduate, they already speak 3 languages fluently! We are very proud to have so many hard working and dedicated students and teachers at VOH Kenya!

VOH Kitwe Photo Booth

IMG_0175The children at VOH Kitwe had a lot of fun with the team from Coquitlam Alliance Church. One of the favourite activities was setting up a photo booth and taking individual pictures of each child living at the Village.  After everyone had a chance to get their individual picture taken, a family photo was taken for each home and given to the mom to be displayed. Each child also received a copy of their individual picture and there were smiles all around!

New Sign for VOH Malawi

IMG_0179Three of the older boys from VOH Malawi were happy to get the chance to help the construction staff put up our new sign post directing people from the main road to where Village of Hope is located. Times like these give the men on staff a chance to teach the boys different skills and also to build friendships that allow them to build into the boys lives in positive ways.

Latest Blog “Meet Dumisa Lonjezo”

meet dumisa Lonjezo’s mother was a single girl who sadly died just hours after delivering him. She took herself to the hospital on her own because she had been abandoned by her relatives years before and had nobody to help herRead full story

 Photo of the Week:



 After studying all week, the children at VOH Mwanza are happy to relax and play on the weekend. They also love to pose for pictures! It’s easy to see the hope in their faces and with some of the very sad backgrounds they have come from, it is a blessing to see the smiles and hear the laughter as they have fun with one another. The children know they are loved and they feel safe and secure at Village of Hope.

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