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“Years of drought have had a serious impact on the well-being of Kenya’s children, increasing malnutrition rates, morbidity and mortality. A rise in inter-tribal/ inter-clan violence resulted in child deaths, injuries and displacement.”


  • Total population (2012) – 43,178,100
  • Under-5 mortality rate (2012) – 7.3%
  • Life expectancy at birth (2012) – 61.1 yrs
  • Total adult literacy rate(2008-2012) – 72.2%
  • Estimated number of people living with HIV (2012) – 1,600,000

VOH Locations:

  • Kisumu

About VOH Kenya

VOH Kenya opened in 2008 and is located in Kisumu – in the western part of Kenya.

The following programs are provided to the children of VOH Kenya:


A daily feeding program provides free meals for both the resident and school children.


Free schooling is provided on-site offering preschool-grade 7. Over 250 children are currently receiving education through our school.


A clinic on-site provides basic healthcare free of charge for all VOH children.


We have six children’s homes open, providing shelter to nearly 50 children.