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    Helping those with Special Needs: This Week at Villages of Hope

    At VOH Mwanza we are blessed to be able to serve and take care of several special needs children. We have some children who have different learning disabilities and some who are both mentally and physically challenged. Life is hard for children with disabilities all over the world, but especially in a place like Tanzania where families will often abandon these types of children because of the stigma attached to having a disabled child and also because they simply cannot afford to care for them.

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    Director’s Blog: Our Spirit Should Make Our Lives Stand Out

    I decided that day that I want to live my life in such a way that I stand out; I do not want to live as one who just blends in. I want to live my life bringing joy to others as I move by the blowing of the spirit though my life.

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    European Union Gives to VOH Malawi: this week at Villages of Hope

    Check out what’s been going on this week at Villages of Hope-Africa… European Union Donation VOH Malawi has a great relationship with the European Union Delegation to Malawi. They often invite VOH kids to participate in their events… Read More

About Us

Villages of Hope – Africa is a Canadian charitable organization registered with the CRA (Registration #84950 3073 RR0001) bringing hope to children in need throughout Africa. We are currently located in six countries and our programs provide education, nutrition, shelter, and healthcare.

Mission, Vision, Values

The mission of Villages of Hope-Africa is to bring lasting hope to orphans and vulnerable children by providing them with love and care so they can embrace adulthood as contributing members of society.

Our vision at VOH Africa is that all children are loved and cared for.

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Education: According to UNICEF’s 2008 state of the world’s children, “Most children whose parents are ill or deceased have their education interrupted”. UNICEF also states that “Orphans are less likely to be in school and more likely to… Read More

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Nutrition: UNICEF states that “In HIV/AIDS affected households lacking community support, food consumption can drop by more than 40 percent, putting children at higher risk of malnutrition and stunting”. Villages of Hope Africa provides nutrition every day to… Read More

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Healthcare: According to UNICEF, “Children orphaned by HIV/AIDS are disadvantaged in numerous and often devastating ways. In addition to the trauma of witnessing the sickness and death of one or both parents, they are likely to be poorer… Read More

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Shelter: By every measure, children in Africa orphaned by AIDS and other poverty related issues suffer tremendously, with little hope for their futures. The daily heroism of Africans of all ages is no match for the cascading effects… Read More

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